We are most fortunate to have a lot of repeat custom from our clients. If it wasn't for such businesses returning to utilise our design, print and marketing services, we honestly wouldn't continue to grow in such a hard business climate. But we do and are very thankful for that! We have many coffee shops, hair salons, pubs, clubs, beauty salons and an array of businesses who like ourselves, would not survive without repeat business. On a daily basis, we're asked how businesses like these can retain custom and grow their business. Our answer is simple: Look to your current customers Can you increase their visits or indeed their spend with you? How can you do this? We look at coffee shops for the most basic of answers: LOYALTY CARDS The majority of coffee shops/houses utilise this most basic form of marketing or customer retention to the fullest extent. For example, Buy 9 coffees, Get 1 Free. Who wouldn't want a customer returning 10 times? (Per loyalty card) To celebrate this great marketing opportunity, we're running a very very special promotion for the foreseeable. 1000 Loyalty Cards for only £99+vat We'll even include a free customer rubber stamp, to save you the hassle of getting that done!