Today we got our online number for the London area. Yes we are a printer in Belfast, but many of our customers already come from London and the surrounding areas and as a result, we are now offering them a London number to call. 


Why I hear you cry? 


Well at Kaizen Print and Marketing, we base all our efforts on promoting and marketing ourselves individually to businesses. As a new SME, we do not have the budget to blanket the market with advertising and mail shots. 

Instead we directly target our key audience with tailored literature suited or their needs. We call this Micro Niche Marketing and it allows us to be very specific with our customers and potential customers. 


Being specific with our customers from the beginning of our relationship allows 2 main things: 

1) We learn about their needs and wants as a business from the outset, and thus a partnership ensues. 

2) We don’t target them for products or activities that are irrelevant and so don’t annoy them. 


When you speak to us, we enquire about your business, whether you are a builder in Belfast or a restaurant chain based in London, not because we are nosey, but rather, if we know more about you, we can intelligently provide advice suited to your needs. 


So the London Printing number - 020 7993 5278, was set up to localise our business and gain further trust with our customers in the greater London area. 


Alternatively if you want to call our Belfast number it is as always 028 9002 2474.