If you read the Kaizen Print blog on occasion, you’ll know that we previously installed window graphics at Le Coop, Belfast’s premiere rotisserie chicken restaurant. For the launch of the restaurant, we also provided plotted lettering to go onto a chipboard as signage. The rustic look to the signage was extremely well received, however, even with constant lacquering, the chipboard was far too porous and subsequently, swelled with rain and contracted in heat. As temporary signage, great, long term, not so much. After chatting with the Le Coop owners and management we decided a more suitable material would be vinyl printed and laid onto disband, an aluminium composite that a large percentage of all outdoor signage is created with. Using a state of the art CNC router to create an off shaped rectangle, the signage is over 8ft in length and provides a stand out piece through which to entice new business in and to inform customers of the restaurants location in the Cathedral Quarter. With competition in the area as fierce as ever, every little marketing effort can make a huge difference. Due to the traffic flow in Cathedral Quarter, we needed to install the signage extremely early in the morning. Not only does this make climbing up scaffolding much more safe for us and passers by, it makes the job infinitely quicker as we have no interruptions to the install such as deliveries or lorries getting past. Signage can really make or break the look of your business and through this design I feel we have 100% captured the essence of Le Coop and ensured continuity across their marketing efforts. It is extremely important to do this by using a design team rather than allowing the sign company to design your signage. Yes they are extremely talented at making signage, but combining their knowledge and the skills of a designer, you can come up with a much better finish and more cost effective option. If you have made a serious investment developing a brand, why would you, at the last hurdle, pass it to someone with little design experience to create your most customer facing marketing asset. If you have a need for indoor or outdoor branding and want to have a chat about the best options for your business, please do get in touch and we will run through the options for you. You can do so by emailing us via the Contact Us Page or calling 028 9002 2474.