Situated in the heart of the Cathedral Quarter, Belfast, Le Coop promises to be the City's foremost rotisserie chicken establishments. If there was a restaurant that summed me up entirely, it would be Le Coop. Thankfully I’ll probably get an invite to the opening. Well we are printing them, so I could just print an extra for myself. For Le Coop, we created the awesome branding which is showcased so perfectly on their outdoor signage above. We are in the process of designing the menus and all manner of internal branding from cut vinyl lettering on the roof to etched window film & pvc banners for internal use. It will look amazing once the builders are out and our branding comes in. Of course there’s be millions of photos to follow! It’s an amazing time for the Belfast food scene, with many new restaurants opening up this Autumn including: Howard Street, who we’ll write a few bits on over the next few weeks and of course Le Coop. It’s great to see such a vibrant resurgence of business in the hospitality sector, but with all areas of business, it is a tough market and like these restaurants, it’s always good to have a marketing company on your side...hint hint