We often get asked if our letterheads are Laser Compatible, but for most people this term is quite alien to them, so we thought we'd put together a little guide on what Laser Compatible Letterheads are, why you should or should not care and if the are relevant to you? The first question we get asked is whether ink will smudge? In earlier digital printing, whenever letterheads were run through the clients printers, inks would occasionally smudge through heavy use. With the advent of new technology the instances were this occurs has reduced significantly. However we always advise that if you are a heavy user of your letterheads, that a litho print option is preferred. However if you print single letterheads at a time, then it really is of no concern and the digital option will be your best bet. The second question we are asked is about paper. Why are the litho letterheads more matte? this is due to the paper choices available for digital and litho printing. The litho options are available with bond papers, which are ultimately uncoated and therefore matte, or more matte than digital papers, which are coated to be used in a digital printer. We have samples of both types of letterheads for your review, but if you are in anyway unsure, please just ask us for advice. http://kaizenprint.co.uk/product/letterhead-printing