February has been extremely busy time for us. Starting shift work again after Christmas we’re printing though the day and night to ensure we’re able to meet customer demand. It’s fantastic to see so many of our customer developing their own businesses and it’s our goal to assist them to the best of our ability. 

Working within so many industries and markets across Belfast, we are fortunate enough to see what works and of course doesn’t work. This allows us to help and guide our clients with their marketing and promotional activities. Oh it probably helps to have 2 marketing graduates and life long learners of their trade under the roof too.

The building work is finally nearing completion and although we’ve realised that we haven’t gained as much space as we hoped. I use hoped, as it was never going to be the case with the purchase of new machinery the new space is extremely welcome and all the team are commenting on how much easier a working environment is now. For that alone its a huge success and worth every penny.

The next phase of growth in Kaizen Print will come from the upgrading and addition of new machinery which will increase our capacity to print and finish much quicker than we can currently. This ensures we can match the growth of our business throughout 2016, 2017 and beyond. First up is the purchase of a brand new state of the art Xerox printer. This digital printing machine has 4 times the capacity of our current Xerox and with both combined, we’ll have so much ability to match demand.

Growth causes concern. At our current rate of growth, we will outgrow (again) our current printing facility by the start of 2018. We’ve already begun looking at units in the Cutts, Lisburn, the Boucher Road Belfast and we’ve even explored taking over the buildings joined to us. Let’s just say, we’re exploring all options, but planning now so that in 2 years time, it doesn't creep up on us as a surprise. 

With the advent of new machinery we’re exploring new product options as well. Over the next few months you’ll see our product range increase even more. We’re adding new finishing equipment such as a round cornering machine, new booklet finishing machine and a super duper new guillotine.

Myself and the team attended Invest NI’s Lean Business seminar this week. Focused primarily on Kaizen and the principles of this, some of the speakers provided extremely inspirational talks on how they implement the processes of Kaizen within their business. It was great to hear industry leaders who are much further down their career paths provide insight into the development of their plans. They certainly provided serious food for thought and ideas for us to implement now and in the future.

We’ve got huge things planned for Kaizen in 2016, 2017 and beyond and this continued focus on building the best printer in Belfast is what will get us there.