On the back of the absolutely fantastic Culture Night Belfast and our sponsorship of the great field to fork initiative “Root Soup” which offers training and employment opportunities across the food chain in areas such as growing, preparation and catering, we’ve decided to get our fingers a little greener and start our own Kaizen allotment. Now I cant say this was solely a sudden decision on the back of #CNB14 as the application for a position went in over 8 years ago. Anywho, we will be bringing some updates, some photos and ultimately some free to good home, fresh local produce. The CNB14 Kaizen Gooseberries Our new allotment is situated smack bang between Lisburn and Belfast and while we've printed flyers for other allotments and given them super marketing advice, we couldn't even be called amateur gardeners. If you fancy lending a hand, sending us some seeds or giving us some general gardening advice, we’d be very keen to talk to you.