We’re going crazy about Cabbage at the minute as our allotment starts to take shape. Currently we have the following all growing at speed in the allotment. Strawberries Raspberries Redcurrant's Blackcurrants Cabbage Carrot Potatoes (Variety of types) Onions Garlic Horseradish Shouldn't be a bad haul if everything grows and we’re actually surprised that we’ve managed to grow anything this first year, but bar floods or heatwaves, everything is looking on point.

The next big project we have to undertake is the building of our free from the internet shed that needs everything replaced or fixed. Hey it was free and its being put to a very good use. This weekend and possibly the one after will be spent stripping, fixing and putting back together each and every panel on site. We’ve also a little more planting to do also to get our second crop underway. Things are good and its great to see the returns from our hard work. Putting up the shed will be a little milestone for us as this will make the end of having to carry all our gardening equipment to and from the allotment each and every visit. If you want to drop by at anytime, please do leave us a message via the contact form. We could always do with a hand and are happy to share our organic produce…..if it fully grows.