Look at this beautiful cocktail menu. No really look at it. The design (yes we did it, bar the logo) is one of my favourites this year. No joke, sometimes I look at the design and print we turn out for clients and think that its among the best I’ve seen. Yes I may be biased, but if I’m happy, the clients are happy and ultimately the customers are happy, then its a win all round. This is the third version of Johnny The Jigs’ Cocktail Menu and with each iteration, I see a new favourite cocktail I want to try. Based in High Street Holywood, the Jigs ethos is simple, Local Organic Produce, Classic Cocktails, Speciality Beers and Wines. They do all of the above extremely well. I’ve tried the burgers and cocktails at Johnny The Jig and loved them both. It’s definitely worth the trip outside of Belfast City Centre to Holywood Co.Down for some beef and booze. If you get a chance to comment on their posters, that would be great also. We’ve taken the logo designed by a local illustrator and seamlessly integrated it into our signature style of posters, flyers and cocktail menus for The Jig. We hope you like them as much as you like the food and drink being served. If you want to discuss restaurant or bar branding, we have become experts in this field and have helped launch some of Northern Ireland’s most recognised brands of the past 2 years. Its always best to come in and have a chat with us, so call 028 9002 2474 to arrange an appointment or contact us using the Contact Form