I absolutely love love “our wee country”. To be honest I dislike that term. Saying that, Northern Ireland was once a perceived no go area for businesses around the world whereas, nowadays, it has become the epicentre for many industries who would never have considered coming here in days gone by. Thats a great thing! It shows how far we have come as a country and how well our workforce is thought of throughout the commercial world. We are very fortunate to work with many of these blow-ins to the North and help them from time to time with their print, design and marketing requirements. Conversely we are ever so fortunate to work with the companies who were born in Belfast, created in a bedroom in Coleraine or who man the surf in Portrush. These are the homegrown businesses we deal with everyday, we see the successes, we help limit the failures and all around us we see the economy growing and dragging our little design and print business with it. It’s a very exciting time in 2014. This September marks our 5th year in business and over that time I and Kaizen have been extremely fortunate to help hundreds of businesses start. To help launch new products and services that were never available here. Services that help improve our quality of life, products that keep our pets healthy and services…actually some of the services I can’t mention. As printers and designers we see all sorts… The title of this blog post came from a conversation I had with a client on Friday. A designer who has sent his client projects to Kaizen for nigh on 4 years. He commented that we as a business have grown so far from the back bedroom set up I started from in 2009. My response was “ It’s taken 5 years hard work to be an overnight success.” 5 years? Feels like 50. Its taken a great team, hardworking and Kaizen to the core to make such a great little business and we are very thankful for the opportunity to help your businesses grow year on year. One such company is Alive Surf School in Portrush. I was up enjoying the surf yesterday (see photo) and I spotted Ricky’s van and a numbers of groups of enthusiastic would be surfers being coached and soaked in the great surf we were having. Ricky was one of Kaizen's very first customers and each year calls back in for a chat and to reorder his flyers and business materials. We might not speak every single month, but our businesses are linked and when he needs printing, he has always turned to Kaizen. Thank you for the continued business Ricky! We try never to let anyone down and always always give the best quality/price compromise we can across all aspects of our business. Its extremely hard but rewarding work. Thanks for allowing us to help your business grow.