Guest Post by Ryan Stanfield MISTD, Senior Graphic Designer within Kaizen DIT (Dublin Institute of Technology) Grangegorman Pentagram Angus Hyland “International Society of Typographic Designers, ISTD, is a professional body run by and for typographers, graphic designers and educators. The Society has an international membership who share and support its aim to create and inspire interest in all forms of typographic communication.” In March of this year I travelled to DIT (Dublin Institute of Technology) Grangegorman to assess the 2015 ISTD (International Society of Typographic Designers) submissions for Ireland. The Assessment team is built up of leading educators and designers in industry from all over Ireland. There was a great range of work with some outstanding approaches to each brief. The variety and skill involved in some of the submissions gave a great indication of what’s to come in Irish Design & Typography. The briefs were: Design Museum You are asked to propose a new typo/graphic identity for the museum Milestones Choose a person or subject, that has existed for a significant number of years and produce a body of work that gives the user greater insight into your area of research and how the related milestones have played a role in the current existence of the subject matter, whether good or bad. Taboo You are asked to design a typographic work that explores the subject of ‘Taboos’. The Rhetoric of Ekphrasis You are asked to typographically explore the descriptive nature of text – translations of the visual to the textual, vice-versa and onwards. Roots You are asked to re-consider a key historical text of your choice from a typographer’s perspective. Assessments also take place across the United Kingdom. “Most rigorous and honest assessment in the world. No personal likes/dislikes can affect the outcomes.” Eric Spiekermann FISTD - Following the Assessments at DIT Grangegorman I was invited to Pentagram ( for the Awards Ceremony on the 3 July in Notting Hill / London. Many thanks to Sophie at Pentagram, who gave me the full tour of the Pentagram Studio in the afternoon, it was a pleasure to see what goes on behind the scenes and meet some of the partners of the world’s largest independent design consultancy. I also made a trip to the museum of brands, packaging and advertising around the corner from Pentagram, which was great! Later that evening the students where presented with their award and membership to the ISTD by Angus Hyland – Pentagram Partner. The enthusiasm and talent from this year’s students proves that there’s a great future for typography. "There's more to life than typography" – Angus Hyland – Ryan Stanfield MISTD