There is nothing worse in this world (#firstworldproblems) than losing your phone. Honestly, it’s like a lifeline to the outside world for everyone in our office. So, when James from our Graphics team found an iPhone 5 on his way down Ormeau Avenue this Tuesday morning, we knew it was mission possible, to reunite the iPhone with its owner. We started first with a facebook/twitter poster, but even with additional retweets from businesses and folk across the city, no dice! We decided to go one further using the tools at our disposal. Using designs, our A-Board and printed A1 Posters, we put the following poster on our Belfast street and low and behold. Within 15 minutes the phone was back in its owner's hands. Our good deed for the day (and more importantly that of James honesty) was rewarded with a happy unknown gentleman being handed his mobile talking device back. Now it was as if Karma was looking on us at that very moment, because I took a call a few seconds later that will have an unbelievably massive impact on Kaizen Print. I would say watch this space, but that would be a tad misleading. Oosh!