Hello and welcome from sunny (read rainy) Belfast! 

We are Kaizen Print and Marketing, a "Continuously Improving" print, design and marketing business, helping small and medium sized enterprises as well as the public sector in Northern Ireland with their Marketing efforts. 

Ok, but your business is called Kaizen Print 

That's absolutely correct, but with 80% of the worlds printed materials being utilised for marketing literature, it's easy to see why we are in a position to turn our marketing and design knowledge into world class printing for your business. 

 As a business, we do not employ sales people, in fact we discourage the selling of any product. You bring to us a problem or need to be filled and we bring you a cost-effective solution, whether you need a corporate brochure, business cards, or a central source to purchase print for a portfolio of businesses or franchises. 

A central print purchasing hub you say? 

Yes we did! Built into our website is the ability for franchise and retail outlet owners to place a number of frequently used products, or the promotional material for next quarters marketing campaign on our servers. 

Franchisees or store managers can then order directly from a dedicated login on our site and order from us directly. Billing can be handled at point of purchase of centrally via head office. 

But what if amendments are required to the artwork? 

As long as we have the source files, our design team can amend the artwork to individual specifications (at a cost). Alternatively, your design team can communicate to the franchisee/store managers via our unique Design Wall. 

 Our Design Wall affords the customer and the designer the ability to communicate directly with each other, while allowing the marketing department the ability to monitor all communication. Ensuring the most cost-effective course of action is taken by both parties.  

Sorry, we digress often. A little too often. At Kaizen Print and Marketing, our aim is to provide a portfolio of products that will enhance your business, whether or not you are looking to increase its sales or just maintain the custom you currently have. We hope to provide the best in class Printer in Belfast service, price and quality.