We use Instagram everyday. From capturing great design and print examples out and about, to using the photos on this very blog and within our product pages, it is a tool we love so much and know you do too. But do you know how to use it? Or is it just another app that sits idly by on your iPhone? Right now, we're going to help you bring your Instagram account alive and engage with your customers. If you want to follow us, we are as always KaizenPrint. Set up a business profile Like Facebook, its always best to keep business and pleasure somewhat separate. There will always be a cross over of sorts, but in general, no one you do business with wants to see you drunk on a Saturday night. Nor do they really care about your babies second poo of the day. Keep it on brand. As we said, our handle is KaizenPrint, our profile is fully complete and our logo is used as our profile pic….most of the time. Cross Promotion is key No point filling your account with amazing photos, if you're the only one who's ever going to see them. Share your account via twitter, via Facebook, on your website (maybe get a widget showing your latest photos or a gallery that pulls them through). We have customers who religiously put their instagram details on every print material. This works in the same way as putting your Facebook url on flyers. Hashtags, hashtags, hashtags Without overdoing it…..using a strategically placed hashtag will increase your exposure. We regularly rage our customers within photos, so that they can in turn find the images and share them on their own social media sites. We're in this thing called business together, so promoting each other opens you up to new markets and business opportunities. Use our Instagram account as a source of inspiration and a hub of ideas for your own account. If you get stuck, we always at the end of an email or phone call away.