Increasing sales is a major concern for business owners across Belfast. If sales are slow, or you want to give an extra push without spending too much money on a marketing campaign, here’s a few simple tips to help generate that next sale. 1. Follow up old leads I myself do this regularly. I check back over old emails and just drop a message to clients who have dropped off the radar over a couple of months. To be honest I never push a sale, but just catching up with their business and marketing is a top priority. By letting the customer know you are interested in their activities will help grow the relationship you have and keep loyalty high. Who knows, they might have a need at that time and want to talk to you about it. Follow up after a sales enquiry is one of the most important steps you can undertake. Clients might not want to make a decision right away need a little time to think. Thing is they may not get back in touch with you on their own merit. By giving them a friendly reminder of your quote, product or service, you greatly increase your chances of making a sale. 2. Ask for the sale Honestly, this is one of the most important factors you need to think about when trying to increase your sales. When we’re busy, its too easy to sit back and think that the next sale will come pretty quickly. But when it doesn't come, this can be one of the most demotivating factors around. So if a sale or potential sale presents itself to you, ask for it. Neither “Do you want to buy this now?”, or “Shall we go ahead with the order?” are pushy, but both put the customer in a yes / no position. More often than not, asking for the sale results in getting it. 3. Be a sales person, not an order taker By learning more and more about your clients business, we can give them the knowledge we have attained from working with other clients and direct them on a suitable purchase. Within Kaizen if I know one industry is very reliant on loyalty cards, coffee shops being my main thought here. I can quickly describe the benefits of their use to a new client. By being knowledgable about your field gives assurance to clients and increases your chances of a sale. 4. Focus on just one product or service. If you sell a wide range of products, it would be a great idea to focus and test whether selling fewer an fewer products would actually increase your sales. Test have shown that offering fewer products in one place with more copy describing those products, always translates into higher sales. It’s all about focusing on the one product that will make the most difference. I always ask our clients, “If you had to sell one product or service solely for the rest of your life which would it be?”. The answer is the one you should focus the majority of your efforts on. It may be the most profitable, your favourite to sell, or possibly the one that requires the least customer interaction. Focus on these select services or products will increase your sales. 5. If in doubt, buy more flyers I say this with my tongue firmly in my cheek, but flyers are ultimately one of the great marketing/sales tools you have at your discretion. Using all the info you have attained above and putting specific targeted marketing together to send to your clients will undoubtedly give you a great opportunity to increase sales. Feature the benefits of your product or service, not the price. I hope the above tips have given you a little help with generating new business. Have you noticed that nowhere above have I mentioned, sale, discount or offer? By offering endless sales, promotions or Groupon offers, you are ultimately devaluing your product. If you don’t believe in its worth, how will your customers? Price is not always the only deciding factor and by utilising the above tips, it won't even come into consideration. Hopefully this post will generate thoughts on how best to position your sales technique and approach. I’m always open to having a chat about this with our clients, so if you want to grab a coffee and a chat, thats absolutely no issue at all. Just get in touch.