Wiser and older business people often tell me that ‘Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’, which is usually in response to me discussing a competitor copying our marketing ideas or plagiarising blog posts. At first I honestly got so annoyed and vowed vengeance on the perpetrators, but over the years, I have come to side with my elders and take this as a compliment more than anything...and so should you. One of our clients this week found themselves the victim of a similar situation. A new business in the same market and based only a few minutes drive away, has pretty much copied word for word, their business model and is passing it off as their own, while bad mouthing the original business. Unfortunately this is the type of thing that happens in business and the bigger/better your business is doing, the bigger a target you become for it. Again, I told our client that take it as a compliment, but this time, I go one further step. Keep on being the market leader. Let them copy and react to your activities, but keep on churning out your ideas, because the public will see and react first to your marketing. But always, always keep an eye behind you on what your competitors are doing, so you can see what and when they react and more importantly if they step over the line, you can take appropriate action. Things to keep an eye on: - Use of your written content online or on their flyers or posters - Copying your flyer printing or poster printing designs - Copying your logo - Domain name squatting I’ll say it again folks. Keep on plugging and make your competitors follow your lead! You will undoubtedly see amazing returns.