Today we talk about Yelp! Unlike our American cousins, businesses in the UK & Ireland are late adopters of this review based website. But on a month by month basis, our customers in Belfast and further afield are gaining more and more business from Yelp, so we decided to type out a few words of guidance for those who are unfamiliar with it. The tips will help you get your business listed and achieve good rankings on Yelp Fill our your profile fully: We have found that results come quicker when the businesses we have worked with have filled out their profiles to the fullest extent. Leave no stone unturned as they say. It takes no more than a few minutes to upload all the necessary details and if you have already set up a Google Pages profile, then it is mostly a copy and paste job. Website url, Address, Opening Hours. Get them all noted. Ask for honest reviews Many of you reading this will be Kaizen Print and Marketing customers. Because of this, I know that you will have been asked by myself or another one of the team to review our Google Places page (It’s here btw). Doing so helps our business grow for many reasons and these reasons remain constant for your business too. 1) It creates trust for your business.[/b[ To grow our maintain and grow our businesses, we need new customers. By being reviewed positively for our service, for our food or how great our restaurants look will ensure that if people did indeed want to visit us, they wont be put off. 2) It helps show trust online for your business. Many times you’ll see Yelp reviews on the first page of google. Think of the time and money you would have to spend on SEO to get on the first page. I’d rather spend that energy looking after our customers....or writing articles like this. Respond to reviews Yelp loves profiles where owners take control of their pages and try to grow them. As a result, they will positively boost rankings of pages where owners respond to customers reviews. But be natural and don’t copy and paste the same response each time. You should be overwhelmed someone is taking the time to review your business good or bad (We’ll discuss what to do in such an instance at a later date)