[youtube>l3xxDxlsIdA[/youtube> I’ve been joking in the office that if I buy a 3D printers, it will primarily be to tinker and play with myself. That said, each and everyday I am amazed by the ingenious displays and products created by 3D printers around the world. Honestly this blew me away and I might just have to purchase such a machine in the New Year. From Techspot Proxy Design Studio has created a 3D-printed spherical gear known as the Mechaneu. Described as the first in a series of kinetic, 3D-printed objects designed to explore the limits of 3D printing as an art form, it really is a work of art worth taking a moment to look at. The company wrote custom software that creates geometry similar to how nature solves problems using shape. As the above video explains, 3D printing allows a method of manufacturing that has previously been impossible such as interlocking assemblies in the production process. Technical jargon aside, it’s a really awesome 3D-printed toy that just so happens to be up for sale. Unfortunately, it’s not cheap by a long shot as you’ll need to shell out just south of $200 to own one.