As probably one of the biggest geeks you’ll find, I have a huge interest in online marketing and the quest to get our website to the top of google. When asked about this, I usually provide a number of easy tips to follow and these tips work. But if you are serious about sep, then you have to spend time and a little money to get to the top of search engines. But remember search engines aren’t the be all and end all to marketing. But I digress… First things first! There is no easy or cheap fix. Nor can you throw a tonne of money in a one-tim blast and hope to have your website rank number 1 forever. Unfortunately thats not how this works! Here’s what I do to help our ranking 1) Update website content Once a week, or more often, I write a blog post that describes some aspect of Kaizen Prints activities. Whether its a case study on a customers marketing activities, to show off some of our amazing design and print or really just to discuss some of the latest print technology. The effort put into your content will return business to you ten fold. Trust me! 2) Post on Social Media The power of social media is unfathomable to those who don’t use it correctly. For those who do, it’s the single greatest tool in your arsenal to drive traffic to you site, FOR FREE! Use it and inject some of that amazing personality you have into your profile. It will do wonders for your traffic and sales. 3) Become an authority on a your business type We have customers who within their respective industries are “Authorities” on their market. By being the person everyone turns to for a particular subject, you gain trust from customers, even if they have never shopped with you or used your services before. Now ‘m not suggesting you go out and learn you industry inside out, but by operating in a business for a period of time, you do become an expert in a particular field….and by expert I mean, someone who has made many mistakes in a field and can’t instruct people how not to make these mistakes you have made. I hope these little pointers help you in some way attack your online marketing throughout 2014. Unfortunately we don’t provide any seo services for clients, but for all our existing customers, my door is always open to have a chat about your websites and how you can grow this side of the business, in Belfast or the rest of the world.