Yesterday our good Friends at H-A-T-C-H launched their brand new website and it’s one we had to tell you about. Hatch, is revolutionising the development of equipment for children with special needs as for the first time ever, parents can collaborate with professional product designers to create life-changing devices for children around the world. Say you have an idea for a product that can assist a child with special needs, Hatch will allow you to submit your ideas and if enough people vote for them, they may go into production. It allows a real user experience to help shape the future of equipment for children who have special needs. The Hatch website is online and now accepting registrations and ideas from all over the world. Over the past few weeks, we’ve helped with the internal marketing of the Hatch brand. With posters, flyers and banners, each member of the team behind the concept have been focusing on generating awareness among all stakeholders. Something we feel has definitely been achieved. To get involved or learn more, visit