5 years ago this Sunday, I started Kaizen from the back bedroom in our house. I started work at 7am each day and made over 100 phones calls to introduce a completely unknown company to the business people of Belfast. Never trying to make a sale, but just saying hello, I wanted people to come to us if they had a need and thought I could help. Being the right person at the right time is something we still practice today and it’s a lovely way to do business. Thankfully some of you needed design and print. Kaizen grew and I was fortunate enough to find the most amazing design and print team as well as a business partner in the form of my brother Martin. This transformed Kaizen into the awesome little company it is today. I’m sure you’ll agree the Kaizen team are second to none. Ultimately though, our success is down to the success of our customers. We take huge pride in being able to help your businesses grow day by day. By putting your trust in us, we’ve helped grow and develop some of the most recognised brands in Belfast today. Many of the first customers took a chance with us. There are a large number still customers today and lots I call friends. We’re not a printer, but a design and marketing company who prints. That makes us, I think, awesome. Thank you and here’s to the next 5 years. Connor