handing out business cards

Business cards are the silent salesman that works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Who would have thought a little bit of paper can have such an impact on your business. However, if you make it a routine to hand a business card to everyone you meet and to receive one, then over the course of months and years you will have a database of potential contacts, as well as thousands of people having your details and knowledge of your business at hand. As details change within many businesses on a regular basis, it is not necessarily advised to order more than 1,000 business cards at any one time, unless you have a plan to distribute those within a period six months. Remember, that a business card is a reflection of your products and your service and so it is therefore advisable to invest in a high-quality designed and printed business card. Though this should still be inexpensive. ‘Kaizen Tip’ Unless you have a specific need for a QR code, or other fancy contact method, stick to basics. Name, title, address and contact details, such as email, telephone number and mobile number. Don’t forget the web address!

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