Graphic Design Belfast

As a printer in Belfast we often have a hard time explaining the extent of our graphic design Belfast services to clients. This process was highlighted by our team during our recent brand update to the new more “grown up” version of the Kaizen Print identity.

We often found two sticking points for clients. Firstly we were primarily identified as a printer. This labelling meant that unless we directly walked the customers in to the graphic design studio, then they were often unaware of the level and type of work that was created by our team of 7 full time designers.

Secondly and probably more of an issue to address, is that printers in general arent really renowned for their graphic design studios. That stigma often found us overlooked for exactly the type of project we had become renowned for in different circles: Branding and the development of brands.

Kaizen Brand Evolution is something different however. We are a graphic design agency that creates amazing brands, marketing campaigns and websites for businesses across Belfast, Northern Ireland and beyond.

Graphic design is not simply putting a few words on a page, but a considered approach to placing the right information in the right manner, using the right langague and imagery to best suit your business goals, whether that’s increase sales or protecting the current business you have. We understand business needs and pair them with marketing prowess and fantastic graphic design skills.

Use our team of graphic designers right here in Belfast to bring your ideas to life and to build your business to the very highest level.

Visit or call our team on 028 9507 2007