On a very cold Sunday morning in Belfast I set upon the super task of helping launch a new business for a customer of ours Gehna Emporium. It just goes to show that retail in Belfast City Centre is not dead in the slightest but booming and with effort, marketing and a great team (Kaizen Print obviously) you can hit the ground running and generating new business. So what did I accomplish for Gehna Emporium? Well firstly we created the outside shop signage from a 19mm foamed board. The was route red to make the fantastic signage you see at the top of the photo. The we used custom cut vinyl to create the web address and the paisley style prints to the side of this. We’ve helped the owners of GE create marketing flyers to launch their web shop & offline business, sales tags, shops signage of course and all the elements required to open a retail store in Belfast About Gehna Emporium - http://www.gehnaemporium.com Gehna Emporium is a celebration of glamour, of beauty and of that undeniable feeling that comes from looking good. We have travelled Asia searching for eye-catching pieces that will help you make an entrance or command a second glance. Our range spans exquisite statement pieces from Swarovski Elements to everyday style that can elevate any outfit.