Food hygiene is serious business and one which our customers take extremely seriously. Clear labelling of food is one thing and where food is stored in another. Recently a customer asked us to crate some food hygiene fridge stickers for their prep kitchen, so that their chefs, food safety inspectors and the owners themselves could indeed manage stock levels and supplies. Below is a range of the A4 stickers that we have on file to print for any and all restaurants that are within the food service industry. If you have any others that fit your business, then we are only to happy to create these. Give us the text and an indication of the colour you want the sticker to be and we can get this mocked up for you and printed right away. Sets of 5 A4 stickers are only £15+vat, so you can pick and choose which ones your require multiples of and others that you don’t need within your business. - Raw Meat Only - Fish Only - Salad Only - Veg Only - Dairy Only - Dirty Clothes Only Lead time for such a project is only 24 hours and because the stickers are A4 size, they can be delivered by Royal Mail anywhere in the UK or Ireland for only a few pounds, overnight. As these stickers are printed to order, drop us an email via the Contact Us form or call us on 028 9002 2474 to place an order. We’ll get it processed right away and with you as quickly as possible.