We know that flyers are a fantastic form of marketing.

They’re cost effective, small, can be easily mass produced and, depending on your design, can be vibrant and eye catching.

They really are one of the best low cost marketing tools around.

But at Kaizen, we offer two different types of flyers and knowing which one better suits your company’s needs is vital.


Our standard flyers come in a range of sizes. From A7 right up to A3. Whether you need to promote your new business or product, or are advertising an upcoming sale, flyers are a sure way of grabbing people’s attention.  

They can be printed in four different weights – 130gsm, 170gsm, 300gsm or 350gsm and you have a choice of gloss, silk or uncoated paper to choose from. We even spoil you with the option of having it printed double sided. It would be a waste to let all that space on the back go to waste after all.

But what are these flyers best for?

Flyers are great for handing out or posting through a letterbox.  Promotion your business, product or event has never been easier with one of these great little flyers.  That is what this particular printed tool does best! To save you time (and keep you out of the Great British weather) you can also leave flyers in a stack on a counter or in a waiting room so customers can help themselves.


Folded flyers

Adding a crease or a fold to our flyers gives them a whole new lease of life in that a fold can add multiple pages.

Kaizen’s range of folded flyers can be printed on the same variety of beautiful papers at the weight and range of folds suited to their intended purpose. They can be printed in three different sizes, A5, A4 and A3 and all have a wonderful range of uses.

The smaller size folded flyers are particularly commonplace in cafes, restaurants and nightclubs as price lists for wines and cocktails, sometimes even being used as menus.

They can also be used as comment cards, score cards, take away menus, marketing leaflets, price lists in beauty and hair salons, their list of potential uses is endless.

Our folded flyers can be ready as quickly as next day; however, the next day option is digitally printed compared to the lithographic printing which is a five day service. You can choose which option is best for you based on your deadline.

Flyer printing is one of the simplest yet most effective and inexpensive forms of marketing around and has a range of purposes making it the easiest way to get your news out.

With so many uses, it’s no wonder that many different types of business use both kinds of flyer. Some even use both!

If you have any queries, or need a helping hand in choosing which flyer is best for your needs, drop us a line. A member from our talented and experienced team of experts will be happy to help you out.