The Dublin Road Belfast was once dubbed the Golden Mile due to its high volume of pubs, restaurants, clubs and abundance of patrons. In the late 1990s and early 2000s and to an extent due to the recession, a number of these venues shut and the patronage decreased considerably. Over the past few years though, a new lease of life has been brought into the area with the opening of Filthys, The Bar with No Name and of course the latest edition to Belfast's restaurant scene, Kitch. Owned by the highly talented team behind Archana (also a Dublin Road staple business and one of my favourite Indian restaurants in the city) Kitch aims to build a reputation for affordable but high quality food. The restaurant at 61-63 Dublin Road, has lot of amazing artwork from local graffiti artist Kev Largey and being a Bring your Own restaurant, this will surely create a huge interest with the price conscious eaters. The flyer above is one side of a DL flyer printing project we completed for Kitch team on Friday. Drop in, eat some food and be the patron the Dublin Road deserves to see. Have a Merry Kitchmas