Feather flags are a fantastic marketing tool. But what are they and why are they so popular?

Also known as teardrop banners, these kinds of flags are usually printed on a light fabric material and usually have a company’s logo and design printed on them.

The main reason they are an effective marketing strategy is quite simple. They blow in the wind. This movement automatically catches people’s attention – it’s human nature.

They are an increasingly popular form of marketing for a variety of reasons, but we’ve narrowed it down to five.

Eye Catching

These flags are big bright and can be spotted at a distance. You can guarantee that your brand’s name will get out.


Feather flags are incredibly popular at a variety of events, and are commonly seen at golf days, outdoor events, open days, car dealerships and new stores. This is because the material used is versatile and weather proof, which ensures that it lasts a long time.

Easy to set up

Not only are they great at attracting attention, but they are also easy to assemble too. This is down to the fact they come in parts. They also come with your choice of base, depending on which one is needed for your event. 


Feather flags are useful since they can be used again and again. As they come in parts, you just need to fold them away and then get them out for the next event.

Value for money

Feather flags are great value for money. Because they are designed to be outdoors, they last a great deal longer than posters and other forms of advertising.  By buying a feather flag (or two, or three...) you are saving yourself money in the long run.

At Kaizen, you can choose from three different sizes – Small (2.2m), medium (3.2m) or large (4.3m). You also have the choice of having your design or logo printed double or single sided AND you have a range of bases to choose from.

Collapsible cross feet

By far the most versatile base Kaizen has to offer. The feet fold away and the base comes with a water bag that can be filled and placed securely on top of the feet to add extra weight and stability to your flag.

Heavy square base

This base is flat bottom and, as the name suggests, heavy weighted. This type of base is more suitable to flat surfaces such as concrete.

Vehicle base

The most popular base for car dealerships. The mount uses the wheel of a car as a grounding unit.

Ground stake

You’ve probably guessed this already, but this type of base is for grassy locations. Perfect for if you are advertising your business at events such as village fayres or golf tournaments.

Each of Kaizen’s feather flags is printed at photographic quality using a dye sublimation printing process, you can ensure that your flag will withstand all the elements mother nature has to throw at it.