In the world of business there are multiple ways of marketing. Some marketing techniques allow you to put up signs and posters and let them do the work. Some forms of marketing are more subtle than others. Some require facing your customers head on and that’s what we are going to be looking at in today’s article.

Occasionally, your business can have a personal impact on an individual or a small group of people. Ideally, we all want that impact to end in a sale, however we know that’s not always the case.

But, even if a sale isn’t made, those people will have left with an impression of your business. This is why it is a very subtle form of marketing.

This impact is probably better known as face to face marketing, and it is actually a very effective way of promoting your business.

The most common form of face to face marketing are probably events. Whether you are sponsoring someone else’s, staging your own or even just attending one as a stall holder, events gives people a sense of involvement with your company.

Face to face marketing gives your customers the opportunity to come and examine your products and ask you questions directly. It allows you to form vital relationships with your customers.

Some face to face marketing is a lot less personal, but it can still create a sense of bringing a community together. Local businesses will often sponsor local football teams for this reason.

The key to face to face marketing is the personal, human contact. It’s a temporary way of creating a connection with large numbers of people.

At Kaizen, we know the importance of face to face marketing, which is why we have a range of products that are ideal for those hosting, or attending, events. We know that the real challenge isn’t talking to the customers, but rather gaining their attention in the first place.  

Some of our biggest sellers are perfect for events.

Roller banners are a great way to capture attention for indoor events. Their size alone makes them stand out. At Kaizen, our roller banners can be printed single or double sided, allowing you to make use of the entire product. Plus, they are easy to erect and dismantle, and even easier to move around.

Another popular product is our feather flag. They are perfect for outdoor events. These great marketing tools grab the attention of passers-by and why wouldn’t they? Our feather flags are printed at photographic quality using a dye sublimation printing process, ensuring that they can be used time and time again for at least six months.

Once you have got the attention of your customers, you want them to buy. But, as we’ve already stated, a sale isn’t always possible. That doesn’t matter. Those customers still leave your stall, or event with an impression of your company.

Why not build on this by handing out leaflets, business cards or brochures to customers who are interested?

That way, you know that they have a way to get in contact and order from you in the future.

Ultimately, face to face marketing is all about human contact and knowing how to connect with your customers.

We can help with the tools for your event, but you know your customers best.