One of our major focuses for 2016 is to ensure the stability of growth in our own business for the next few years. Through our own internal research we identified key areas that could stagnate growth in our business or create potential issues. We’re please to say that after identifying these areas we’re making changes.

The first area we’re focusing on it the size of Kaizen’s print facility. Starting mid December we began the building work which when completed will double the size of our print and finishing area. This additional space will ensure we have the capacity for increased production and can print / finish at a greater speed.

If you’ve been in Kaizen over the past few weeks you’ll have seen that we are working within a truncated production area. Thankfully however we’ve made it work, but the welcomed space will be  an amazing opportunity to allow for growth.

With all this extra space, it would only be right to fill it with machinery that will help us grow our business even further. This new equipment will allow our print team to be more efficient, will increase our capacity for print and should speed up our service even more…I know, how could that be possible.

We’ve begun discussion with many of the major printer manufacturers and we’re weighing up the key benefits of each and the direction our business is looking to take. It’ll be an exciting year with major investment into our own infrastructure. This investment will future proof us and aide in the growth of Kaizen throughout Belfast, the UK, Ireland and rest of Europe.

We’re also expanding our product range with the advent of this new machinery. We’re excited to bring more of our printing process in-house with the purchase of some amazing new finishing equipment as well.

Starting with this new product development, we’ve just launched our rounded corner business cards range. Over the coming few months we’ll be launching some extremely innovative and new to market print products. We’re pretty excited. I know you’ll love them too.

If you’ve any ideas for products we don’t currently sell that you buy from other printers, please let us know and we’ll look at the opportunity of adding them to our portfolio.