Event marketing is a great way of promoting your business while engaging with customers.

But what is event marketing?

According to business dictionary dot com, event marketing is the activity of designing or developing a themed display or exhibit to promote a product, cause or organisation.

It doesn’t just stop at displays and exhibitions though, event marketing, as the name suggests, allows you to create an event to market your business.

Event marketing is the perfect way to build awareness of your company, promote your products and / or services or even advertise a sale. It also allows you to engage one-to-one with your customers.

As a business owner, and therefore as a marketer, you must take every opportunity to build relationships with customers and clients. No matter where and when these chances occur, and there is no better way to do that than by creating an event.

At Kaizen, we offer a huge range of products that are ideal for all types of event marketing, so you can be sure that your event is a success.

Roller banners are great products for stalls, displays and exhibitions. Their size alone makes them stand out and draws attention. You can fill them with information about your product or organisation, or simply have your logo and design printed on it so customers know who you are.

For larger events a PVC banner may be better. They are bigger and can be hung up anywhere. They are even durable enough to be pitched up outdoors.

Flyers are another key element in event marketing. They have a wide range of uses, from advertising your event to holding information about the products you are promoting. Their size makes them easy to hand out, and customers can easily pop them into a purse or bag. At Kaizen, they are printed in bulk at low cost. Having the option to mass produce flyers on a large scale is great value for money, and saves you pennies in the long run.

Feather flags are brilliant for outdoor use, and are actually one of our most popular products. Their lightweight design lets the fly about in the wind. This movement catches the eyes of passers by – key potential customers. Due to the material they are printed on they are not only lightweight but are also waterproof, making them best suited for all the Northern Ireland Weather has to throw at them. They come with a weight stand, so they won’t get blown away.

The most important part of event marketing is connecting with your customers and clients. The whole purpose of event marketing, though to showcase your business or product, is to attract and build important customer relations.

Customers don’t want to come to your event to be faced with a long pitch. They want to discover more about your company and what you stand for, what your personality is like. The want to get a feel for brand values. We’ll leave that to you to figure out, but we can help draw in the customers with our great marketing products.