Envelope Printing

Technology has rapidly changed the world we live in today, especially the marketing and promotions industry. Everything, exclusive offers to promotional codes to discount vouchers can be instantly transmitted to your customer database at the touch of a button. Almost every company now has some sort of mailing list, enabling them to keep in constant communication with their customers, building a relationship with them and allowing profits to grow with fairly minimal effort. The wide range of modes of communication is also hugely appealing. Whether it is via email, mobile communication or, more recently, social media, businesses now have no excuse not to remain engaged with their customers.

You may think then, with this technological revolution, traditional marketing methods have lost their place in the world. But you’d be wrong to assume so. Think about the mail you get every day. How many circulars or promotional letters or vouchers or catalogues do you receive in the post? Probably more than you realise. That’s because businesses just like yours know that customer engagement doesn’t have to be exclusive to online.

A well-designed piece of promotional material sent through the post can catch the eye of any customer. Whether it’s a thank you for their loyalty in the form of an exclusive offer or voucher or a sign up deal designed to entice in new customers, businesses are able to use clever design in order to engage customers of all kinds.

At Kaizen we’re committed to helping businesses of all sizes achieve their marketing goals, that’s why we cater to every business’ individual needs and offer a bespoke service on design and marketing. We understand that not every business can have a massive online profile and some rely on circulars to expand their customer base.

That’s why we offer our customers a fantastic deal on printed envelopes to ensure your offline marketing campaign looks as professional as you want it to. Attracting customers is all about making a great first impression and our range of printed envelopes are sure to catch the eye of any potential new customers.

Our printed envelopes are available in either black and white or full colour and are fully customisable with your logo, slogan or design. We also offer three different sizes: C4 envelope printing, C5 and DL, the industry standard for these sort of products, with the option of a window for that truly fully customised experience.

What you put in these envelopes is entirely up to you, but our high quality printing service and state of the art printing technology are ideal as a way of catching the eye of any customer who may see it drop through their letterbox. We only print on high quality paper for a variety of uses, with a range of commercial, personal and freepost envelopes available to you.

Kaizen’s design team are on hand to assist you in the design of these products at any point during the order process and with experience working across a variety of campaigns and industries, they’re sure to have the know how to help your marketing strategy grow.