Enough of the snow jokes already!!! Easter is almost upon us and we really should be thinking about Marketing, April Sunshine and a relaxing few days off with nothing to do. 2 outta 3 ain't bad I suppose. This coming week, will be a flurry (sorry) of print and design, so please ensure you leave enough time to get your order processed and printed. There will be a batch on Tuesday, back Friday as always, so if you need flyers for the weekend, our awesome 5000 A6 flyers for £125 offer still stands. Posters and Roll Up Banners as always can be printed within a day or two. Easter Opening and Closures Our office will be open right up until 5pm on Friday, but will be closed on Easter Monday and Tuesday (1st & 2nd April). Normal service will resume on Wednesday 3rd April. Emails will be answered by the customer service team intermittently. However, unless you are informing us of a $500,000 inheritance from a long lost uncle, please don’t expect an immediate response. SELL LOADS this Easter everyone!