Myself, Lynsay and Ryan took a little bit of time last week to attend Offset in Dublin. OFFSET is a 3 day creative conference held annually in Dublin's Bord Gáis Energy Theatre. It features the very best national and international creatives from all disciplines who present hour long lectures to over 2000 attendees. This was my first Offset and it wont be my last. We listened to talks from some of the worlds foremost graphic designers, photographers and illustrators. Even though I’m not a designer myself, I took an awful lot away from the event and will be able to use a lot of the inspiration gathered within Kaizen. We also met and spoke directly to “Rockstars of the Design World” Adrian Shaugnassey (Royal College of Art) and Emily Oberman (Pentagram) who provided some exquisite advice on the direction of Kaizen's’ own design studio. The advice from an outside perspective at such a high level is invaluable and something we will be capitalising on. I say this alone, before even attending the talks was worth the ticket price. Stand out talk of the weekend was from Annie Atkins who was the lead graphic designer on The Grand Budapest Hotel. She spoke in detail about the film and her role in creating the fictional world Wes Anderson dreamed of. We also attended the Le Cool “Panicdotes” Q&A and heard some horror stories from the world of design. I decided that what happens in Kaizen should most definitely stay in Kaizen. Nothing ever goes wrong here….right? I left Offset inspired and focused. Honestly I can't wait to attend next year. It’ll be tough to top 2015.