design sells, FACT!

Great design sells. FACT! When you look at businesses that are extremely successful with sales and marketing, they have invested wisely in design of their marking literature. It is always evident and easy to spot when a company has used a design agency to create their sales and marketing materials. It is even easier to spot when a company hasn’t. Bad design can cripple your ability to sell, as you are already positioning yourself and your products in a less favourable light. By investing in high-quality design, you are showing your customers that you value yourself and product highly. You should always try to instil confidence in your brand and design assists with this. Have you ever looked at a flyer or brochure and felt it could be designed better by yourself? Well this is what your customers will be thinking when they pick up a brochure that is badly designed. What does that say about your product and service? Remember, that it is just paper with a message printed on it, but the design of a flyer or brochure will help sell more.

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