Yesterday, the Kaizen Design Team packed up our laptops and headed towards the great ship Titanic, or more so the new Titanic building in Belfast Docks. The purpose of this vista was to attend the Design for Business #dfb2012 event held by Invest NI. What an event it was to be. The keynote, Ralph Ardill has worked with brands big and small for the past 20 years. Even our seasoned designers picked up a few ideas for our current clients and we begun putting them into action this afternoon. The guys from Big Motive (formerly Frank) presented a customer case study for Consilium and it was great to see the comparisons on how our design team works against theirs. A credit to the industry. Over the course of the day we met many of our own design / print clients, who all are already aware of the opportunities great design brings to their business. It was great to see you all, in an informal meeting. We also met some great potential clients and networked with some of the businesses we aspire to be. Overall a great event and one we all got a lot from. The videos will be on youtube sometime soon. When they are, I'll link them here. The day in one sentence: Good Design = Good Business! Image note/Joke: The kerning on the Titanic Sign is less than perfect. Tit anic