The D loosely stands for Diet, but not as you know it. Slims Healthy Kitchen opens for the press, friends and family today, but has turned away hundreds of eager customers ready to sample their delights. Testament to the thought that the people of Belfast want to eat a healthy balanced diet, but were limited for choice. As you may have read earlier in this blog, we have helped the SHK team from the initial concept of the business right through to their pre and post launch marketing. We've been waiting for this day just as long as the hundred of eager customers and I know we wont be disappointed. We want to wish the SHK team a warm congratulations and wish them every success with their new restaurant. Visit them now at and on the Lisburn Road, Belfast If you are in the restaurant comment on the quality of the print and design on the following items: Pretty much everything in the restaurant. Menu Printing Flyer Printing Logo Branding Poster Printing We also designed the menu boards in the photo above. Printed on self adhesive vinyl and mounted onto 5mm foamex, we then hand cut this into the custom shape to make this a super bespoke print job.