There's a lot to be said about branding. The transformation from being a nondescript terraced house on the Lisburn Road, Belfast to being a proper print house require only 6 printed slips of contra vision and the difference is outstanding. No longer can we be accused of hiding or shying away form the passing trade, we are now at the forefront of peoples view as they pass us on their daily commute....and rightly so. We for too long have sat back and never really made use of our shop front display, where as now, the same cannot be said. As with all our marketing efforts, we monitor these and assess the response to see how useful the tool is. Within 3 hours of the new graphics going up, our "walk in" trade had increased and people where requesting additional info on the special offer. Window graphics make the world of difference to any business. Even just a list of services will ensure potential custom is aware of the services you provide. As a printer in Belfast it would be rude not to include a list of all the print we provide. You wouldn't believe how often people ask if we do flyers, posters or docket books. Now its right there on our front window.