Building up a relationship with your customers can be absolutely crucial in ensuring you have a loyal customer base. Who knows what those happy clients will go on to tell their friends, other businesses etc.? It could be that your personal touch and attention to detail is what keeps your business growing and expands your already devoted client portfolio into something much bigger. At Kaizen, we pride ourselves on our ability to help small businesses improve their marketing prowess, so here are five ways connecting with the customer is crucial to your business.

Be Social

Who isn’t on social media these days ? It’s absolutely everywhere. So much so that it seems archaic to think of a time when social media didn’t exist. Big companies use social media all the time and obviously have a much bigger reach when it comes to fans, followers or whatever the correct term is. However, it’s important for small businesses to have a solid social portfolio too. Social media allows you to interact with more than one customer at once in real time, showing your absolute dedication to making your interaction a good experience for them as well as yourself.


Wow, a blog post trying to help you with marketing about how blogging can help you with marketing...meta. Seriously though, blogs are important. If you’re trying to push a new product, a promotion or anything else, a blog post glorifying its virtues can work wonders. Even if you have nothing to push, regularly writing about what’s going on in the world of your business sector, what’s going on in your company or even what’s going on in your office can add a real personal feel to your business.


Similar to blogging, webinars are a great way to show you care about the fortunes of your customers businesses. For anyone who doesn’t know, webinars are seminars given over the internet. For example, if you were, say a company specializing in print marketing, you may do a webinar on graphic design in Belfast. Some larger businesses may even invite a guest speaker, an expert in their field to add that extra bit of credibility.

Review sites

Before you go on holiday, you look at TripAdvisor. Before you eat somewhere, you look at yelp. So why wouldn’t you want to know what people are saying about your business ? There’s a vast array of review sites on the web, all of which will offer a specific kind of business to review. Listening to customer feedback can be a fantastic way to make improvements to your business or to know what is working best with the customers. There’s a;so no harm in responding to customers on these sites. They might well have something useful to say and the fact you’re taking the time to answer their query or rectify their complaint will only serve to boost you face-to-face profile.

Survey your customers

It’s important to know what your customers like, don’t like or want to see more of from your business. The quickest way to find this information out is to survey customers. These can be on a wide range of topics and can either be filled out on hard copy or online. The best way to continuously improve is to know what you have to be better at and the only way to find that out is to let the customer tell you. They are alway right, after all...