One lesson learnt from our move is how unreliable BT are. Now we personally don’t use BT for our phone or broadband, but I have had countless customers and friends discuss their experience when moving business, some include loss of service for upwards of a week. Their experiences brought a few questions to light. What would I do if???? Conduct Business Even In This Mess From the very beginning of Kaizen, the aim was to be infinitely scale-able and fluid so that we could add new functions almost instantaneously or react to issues such as power outages and work from home without interruption. We are in essence a modern day business, using technology to our advantage and with a VOIP phone, a laptop and an internet connection, we can conduct business anywhere in the world. Kaizen couldn't manage a day without phones/internet and I challenge you to try it, even for an hour. It’s quite unfeasible and honestly panic sets in fairly soon. So here goes your action point for today, not tomorrow. Actually right this second,a quick PANIC test and what if planning. 1) If you lost internet connection for more than an hour, what would you do? 2) If a hard drive went down, how would you access your customer details? 3) If a fire started, do your staff no the evacuation plan? Running through a worst case scenario will help you realise your potential downfalls should the worst happen and let you rectify them in a controlled manner. Failing to plan is planning to fail. How’d you get on with things? Good, bad or indifferent, this post will help you identify the areas you may need to look at and if you gain nothing from this post other than this last line I hope you take note. BACK UP YOUR HARD DRIVE. RIGHT NOW!