Seeing as this is Christmas week, we decided to let Nuala choose the music for the last day in the office. Please bear in mind, Nuala would put a Christmas song or two on in March, so she’s knows some of the more obscure Christmas tunes from tester year. Thankfully though, she’s decided on some of the more recognised music choices. [youtube>0mg7ok8dmDU[/youtube> [youtube>yXQViqx6GMY[/youtube> and don’t forget a one hour Christmas playlist. [youtube>QXZJZq54dAc[/youtube> We’re finishing up tomorrow morning, but last print orders really are today around lunchtime. If you can let us know in advance if we are to expect an order, this will ensure no one is left out with last minute poster printing and flyer printing for New Years Eve. Call us on 028 9002 2474 or email us via the contact form