Nokia has combined 3D printing and Easter to create a new, sweet rendering of its logo. The company on Thursday published a YouTube video showing how it used software to render a 3D version of its logo, which was then transmitted to a 3D printer. The 3D printer was outfitted with liquid chocolate and created what the company is calling "#Chokia." 3D printing has become the next big thing in new technology. Companies around the globe are investing heavily in 3D printing and prices on the devices are coming down to such a level that they've become affordable for some consumers. With 3D printers, users can create real-life models of, well, anything. Everything from guns to prosthetic limbs and even jet parts have been created with 3D printers thus far. Nokia estimates that its chocolate logo weighs 30 grams and is 164 calories. ---- Have a lovely Easter break guys from all the Team at Kaizen Print, Belfast