At the end of 2012 we brought you one of my favourite photos of the year which said “Sign maker best prices in Scotland”. Now some of my business compatriots said I should take notice as the owner of the company clearly had great skills and with the best prices in Scotland, it would only be a matter of time before the great people of Northern Ireland and beyond take notice and start buying these amazing signs. It took a bit longer than expected, but the sign makers products have finally found their way to Lisburn and I spotted them on my travels yesterday. Now I’m not sure the reasoning behind the misspelling, but I assume it is because the prices weren’t as competitive as previously let on and the car wash owner just couldn't afford the D at the end of hand. Either way it grabbed my attention and made me stop for a photo. Thats some good advertising right there! Dunno if it’ll entice me to use their services however and thats the true test of a sign.