We get asked day in and day out for cheap flyer printing. My first question back is always "What type of business are you in?". We get chatting about their business and then decide whether or not the cheapest option is actually the right one. So when do I recommend the cheapest of cheap flyers? When a product is low value I see no reason to print on the finest 350gsm silk postcard thick flyers. Nor do I feel it is best value when you are ordering 100,000 plus flyers for door to door distribution, that this is the best option. Not only will the extra weight cost you more per unit to distribute, but feel for the poor delivery guy who's back will be almost broken.... Here's a quick guide on our recommend paper weight by usage 130gsm - Mass Distributed Leaflets 100k+, Take Away Menus, Low Priced Items 170gsm - Corporate Brochures Leaflets for Events, Service Industries 300gsm+ - Nightclub Flyers, High Priced Items, Short Run Distributions <20k As always, you can call into our Belfast office for a chat or to look at samples. Just give us a nod and we're at your service.