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Designing a leaflet for your business

7 September 2016 09:45:00 BST

Design Leaflets

Today we passed over the reigns to our design studio to put together a few points they always consider when designing a leaflet. We understand that not everyone is a graphic designer, nor do they have degrees in marketing and so we hope this little guide presents a little more insight into the do’s and don’ts when designing a leaflet for your business. At any stage remember we’re only a phonemail away and you can get us on 028 9002 2474 or send us your artwork to check via the website.

Why leaflets are important!

Even in this digital age leaflet printing has remained an extremely effective and thus popular marketing method. For such a low cost you can directly market your target audience with a specific message aiming to promote your business goals in a specific manner. Basically, leaflets get the right message to the right people and it’s up to you to get it to them at the time they have a need for your services. But getting leaflet design right is not an easy task, in fact over the past 7 years in business and with the help of our extremely talented design studio with over 60 years combined experience, we’ve got this down to an art, backed up with the knowledge of what works and what doesn't work. We understand that every business is different, but if you use the following best practice tips, then you’re 90% of your way there to designing the perfect leaflet for print. If you get stuck along the way, we’d only be too happy to help and by understanding the points below you will be in a much better position to give us the perfect brief to design and print leaflets to the highest standard for your business.

Content is King

How your leaflet is designed is one thing, but what’s printed on it, is another. Before starting, understand what you are trying to achieve with this leaflet. Type it out, check for spelling and focus on the key message you are promoting.
Call to Action / Link to Sale
A call to action or link to sale ensures you always present the options for interested parties to get in touch. This could be your telephone number, email or website addresses, or maybe all three. It could be the offer itself that drives people to take action and so your must understand what people are looking for and how they will take action. In doing so you can easily present them with the options to make a sale and to contact you.

Design Principals

The old adage “less is more” is something we adhere to everyday. Focus on your key message rather than all the messages you'd like to present. By keeping your leaflet design simple and focused your will present the products and services in the perfect light to get actions. We also advise you purchase high resolution photos or images for your leaflets.
Images taken from the internet are usually unsuitable for print, but may also have copyright issues than can result in legal action and costs. For the price of a lunch you can buy the rights to use a high quality photo or image in your leaflet design. This can completely transform your design for the better.
As a general rule, we suggest you keep all text at least 6mm away from the edges of your design. If you are a seasoned designer you can adhere to stricter margins, but for those designing in photoshop or another similar tool, the larger the margin you can provide us from your text to the edge, the less chance there is it may be cut off when being trimmed by our finishing department.
Its extremely important to save your file in a CMYK format when designing your leaflet. RGB which is another commonly used colour format, is only suitable for screen and when printing from this file type colours will seem considerably darker as a result.

Let us design for you

We’ve a team of 7 full-time designers here to help you with any of your leaflet design projects. We understand your skills lie elsewhere in your business and that designing leaflets isn’t something you undertake everyday, so with a lear brief and consideration for the points above, we are confident that we can create the perfect leaflet design each and every time. Drop us a message via the contact form and we can get you scheduled in with a designer at a time that suits you.

Comments | Posted in Design By Sam Stewart

French Village Patisserie & Brasserie

2 August 2016 11:46:00 BST

French village food menus

French Village Bakery brand is one that we work closely with and so when the team at French Village Catering came to us to discuss a new Patisserie & Brasserie, it was a project we couldn’t wait to get started on!

With Ashley French hand crafting each and every one of the pastries for launch we knew the attention to detail had to be just right.

Our first action was to look at the parent and sub brands to carefully craft the new logo to sit alongside it’s counterparts, French Village Bakery, Cafe/Bistro, Catering and now Patisserie & Brasserie.

French village cocktail menu

We then researched the interior colour and texture palettes so that we could match and contrast effectively in the space. The style brief was to create menus that were classically French, elegant black type on white with considered flourishes to highlight.

Our process for solving the design problem was to create menus that could easily be printed in house with specials templates that could be populated daily under chef’s instruction, making day-to-day running smooth and functional.

The post launch drinks menus are ooh la la! Cloth outer with foil blocking to introduce the vast array of gin and cocktails selection. We can’t wait to try the French (Village) Martini!

Comments | Posted in Design By Lizi Daley

Richard Latimer

26 July 2016 15:33:33 BST

richard latimer

When Richard Latimer approached us to help to promote his Sports Massage business we quickly identified that his visual communication required consistency to instill client confidence in the brand. Colour was an area we felt needed addressed to help realign the brand.

So the first thing we did was to nail down the colour references Richard should call upon for any additional promotional materials and graphics for future use, both on and off screen. Once we had a solid colour palette established, we moved on to very subtly adjusting the logo to make sure it was as communicative as possible. We worked with the type, identifying primary and secondary typefaces that can be used throughout all of Richard’s materials adding to the consistency of the look and feel. We created two different iterations of this updated logo, allowing flexibility in both landscape and portrait formats when applying to promotional materials.

richard latimer


Lastly, to freshen up the look of Richard’s identity, we took the images in an existing bank and developed a new way of using them, applying the new chosen colour palette to create a vibrant and bright stylized look. 

Comments | Posted in Design By Lizi Daley

Graphic Design Belfast

16 June 2016 08:46:20 BST

Graphic Design Belfast

As a printer in Belfast we often have a hard time explaining the extent of our graphic design Belfast services to clients. This process was highlighted by our team during our recent brand update to the new more “grown up” version of the Kaizen Print identity.

We often found two sticking points for clients. Firstly we were primarily identified as a printer. This labelling meant that unless we directly walked the customers in to the graphic design studio, then they were often unaware of the level and type of work that was created by our team of 7 full time designers.

Secondly and probably more of an issue to address, is that printers in general arent really renowned for their graphic design studios. That stigma often found us overlooked for exactly the type of project we had become renowned for in different circles: Branding and the development of brands.

Kaizen Brand Evolution is something different however. We are a graphic design agency that creates amazing brands, marketing campaigns and websites for businesses across Belfast, Northern Ireland and beyond.

Graphic design is not simply putting a few words on a page, but a considered approach to placing the right information in the right manner, using the right langague and imagery to best suit your business goals, whether that’s increase sales or protecting the current business you have. We understand business needs and pair them with marketing prowess and fantastic graphic design skills.

Use our team of graphic designers right here in Belfast to bring your ideas to life and to build your business to the very highest level.

Visit or call our team on 028 9507 2007

Comments | Posted in Design By Connor McAuley

Connecting With Customers

6 June 2016 09:56:43 BST

Building up a relationship with your customers can be absolutely crucial in ensuring you have a loyal customer base. Who knows what those happy clients will go on to tell their friends, other businesses etc.? It could be that your personal touch and attention to detail is what keeps your business growing and expands your already devoted client portfolio into something much bigger. At Kaizen, we pride ourselves on our ability to help small businesses improve their marketing prowess, so here are five ways connecting with the customer is crucial to your business.

Be Social

Who isn’t on social media these days ? It’s absolutely everywhere. So much so that it seems archaic to think of a time when social media didn’t exist. Big companies use social media all the time and obviously have a much bigger reach when it comes to fans, followers or whatever the correct term is. However, it’s important for small businesses to have a solid social portfolio too. Social media allows you to interact with more than one customer at once in real time, showing your absolute dedication to making your interaction a good experience for them as well as yourself.


Wow, a blog post trying to help you with marketing about how blogging can help you with marketing...meta. Seriously though, blogs are important. If you’re trying to push a new product, a promotion or anything else, a blog post glorifying its virtues can work wonders. Even if you have nothing to push, regularly writing about what’s going on in the world of your business sector, what’s going on in your company or even what’s going on in your office can add a real personal feel to your business.


Similar to blogging, webinars are a great way to show you care about the fortunes of your customers businesses. For anyone who doesn’t know, webinars are seminars given over the internet. For example, if you were, say a company specializing in print marketing, you may do a webinar on graphic design in Belfast. Some larger businesses may even invite a guest speaker, an expert in their field to add that extra bit of credibility.

Review sites

Before you go on holiday, you look at TripAdvisor. Before you eat somewhere, you look at yelp. So why wouldn’t you want to know what people are saying about your business ? There’s a vast array of review sites on the web, all of which will offer a specific kind of business to review. Listening to customer feedback can be a fantastic way to make improvements to your business or to know what is working best with the customers. There’s a;so no harm in responding to customers on these sites. They might well have something useful to say and the fact you’re taking the time to answer their query or rectify their complaint will only serve to boost you face-to-face profile.

Survey your customers

It’s important to know what your customers like, don’t like or want to see more of from your business. The quickest way to find this information out is to survey customers. These can be on a wide range of topics and can either be filled out on hard copy or online. The best way to continuously improve is to know what you have to be better at and the only way to find that out is to let the customer tell you. They are alway right, after all...

Comments | Posted in Design By Shauna Crossey

Social Media Branding

7 March 2016 10:38:35 GMT

social  media branding

The advent of social media has radically changed the way we live our lives. Who can go anywhere now without tagging themselves and their pals on Facebook, interacting with live events on Twitter, Snapchatting their every move and posting photos of their favourite selfies and food on Instagram?

Social media has opened up the world to a whole new way of interaction with other people and now it is helping businesses just like yours get the advantage over their competition too.

The stats don’t lie. A recent study found that, in 2015, Facebook has over 1.5 billion users, Twitter has 320 million, Instagram has 400 million and Snapchat has 200 million. An estimated two billion internet users worldwide are using social networks. That’s one in four people around the world who are connected at any given time.

It is obvious then, that there is potential to be tapped into here.

Social media is becoming a key element in attracting new customers. Creating shareable content about your business can reach hundreds if not thousands of people. Sharing links to your business’s website can generate just as many unique user clicks.

Having an active presence on sites like Facebook and Twitter in particular allow you to strengthen customer relations. Customers can directly contact you through your page and having these apps on a smartphone means that you can respond to queries quickly. No longer do your customers have to wait days and days to hear back from you. It can now be done in a few clicks!

Photo sites such as Instagram are a great way of promoting new products and using hashtags means that even people who have never heard of your business can find it quicker and easier than ever before. Even better, the photos and videos you post on these sites are shareable, so you, and more importantly your customers, can share them on various other social media sites. People can even share the link via email or text to their friends and family who may need your products!

If your company has a blog, social media is a great way of sharing your content to wider audiences. Your latest posts can be shared on all of the sites and apps previously mentioned. It’s a great way of keeping customers, clients and business associates up to date with what is going on in your company!

Facebook and Twitter are also great for sharing updates and letting customers know of any store closures. Have an upcoming sale? Tweet about it and tell the world! Share sale items on Instagram and watch as sales figures go up.

So, it’s not just the typical Q&A with customers on social media that helps businesses grow - although a strong link with customers both old and new can be created in this way - it is the entire social media presence, from the messages you post to the way your brand is promoted on these sites that keeps customers and clients loyal to you and helps your business expand.

Let us help you direct your social media strategy and create an online presence you can be proud of. Call us today on 028 9002 2474.

Comments | Posted in Design Social Website Design By Shauna Crossey

Design It Yourself

4 March 2016 10:58:15 GMT

design it yourself

You have worked hard to start your business, to carve out a niche in the market and cultivate a loyal and hungry customer base. We understand that accepting a helping hand can be difficult. We get it. It’s hard to trust someone else with your business. There are so many ways it could go wrong. Perhaps the designer doesn’t quite understand your customer demographic or worse, they won’t capture the essence of the business itself.

There’s definitely a big argument to be made for doing it yourself, but at times, it is for the best to have some assistance in promoting your business.

Hiring a professional to help you with certain aspects of promoting your business - in particular design and advertising - can have huge benefits.

They will likely have worked with a company providing the same or similar product or services as yours, so they’ll know exactly the kind of thing potential customers and clients want to see.

Plus, as designers, they will have the kind of creative knowledge to help your promotional materials stand out against all of the competition.

Sure it may be cheaper to design something using Photoshop or Microsoft Word, (or even Paint) and print off your own flyers. But will they be of the same professional standard as having it printed? No matter how good your designs look on your laptop screen, it can be a totally different story once they have been printed off.

At Kaizen, we print your designs on a range of different paper and card stocks. This is what gives our products a little more umph! It’s what makes your marketing tools look and feel great, not to mention highly professional!

Even if you aren’t a pro with photoshop, our team are on hand to turn your ideas into gorgeous designs. With years of experience behind them - they know the ins and outs, the do’s and don’ts when it comes to everything design related! So you can trust us to turn out something great.

And design isn’t the only aspect of your business Kaizen can help to improve. We also offer our services for online marketing, such as social media branding, so we can offer a comprehensive overhaul of your business’s marketing strategy. Whether online or in print, we have experience in creating something spectacular which is sure to attract a whole new group of customers to your business.

We are the number one choice for many of Belfast’s businesses, from restaurants to bakeries to sportswear companies to hair salons, we have experience working with a wide variety of industries within Northern Ireland and we want to share our expertise across the whole United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

There are an infinite amount of industries out there, with companies all trying to give the same unique quality to their business and Kaizen’s graphic design team will be able to make your hair salon chic, your law firm professional or whatever other design help you need, in order to help your business stand out from the crowd.

Comments | Posted in Design By Leeanne Whitehead

Design Concepts

2 March 2016 18:03:48 GMT

design concepts

Design is such an important part of any business. But do you know how the logo you use for your company is perceived by others?

Believe it or not, human psychology plays a large part in design principles whether we designing roll up banners or flyer printing.

Designers such as our team know all about these principles and can help you with your design based on what your company is and what it stands for.

One principle that many designers use is “Gestalt” – a psychology term meaning “unified whole”.  This principle is all about visual perception and are a part of how we perceive and group different objects.

Gestalt can be broken down into five different subcategories:

  • Proximity – placing shapes/objects together makes them appear as a group
  • Similarity – using similar looking shapes/objects also makes them appear as a group
  • Continuance – Certain designs compel the eye to move from one shape/object through another
  • Closure – This is when an object or shape is incomplete or not completely enclosed.
  • Figure and Ground – when we separate the background from the object or shape.

But these aren’t the only aspects to consider when it comes to design.

Things like the colour you choose and the shapes involved also have an impact on how your company is perceived by customers, clients and business associates.

We learned at a young age that colours such as reds, yellows and oranges are considered as “warm” colours, whereas blues and purples are considered “cold”.

But, in terms of psychology – and more importantly design – it’s not quite as simple as that.

Each colour evokes different feelings in the people who view them.

The “warm” colours mentioned earlier can represent excitement, love, boldness, friendliness, cheerfulness, confidence, happiness, optimism and energy.

But that shouldn’t deter you from using the “cold” colours! Blues can portray a sense of trust, strength and dependability, while purples are seen as imaginative and wise. Greens can be used to show peace, growth and health.

Shapes such as squares show a sense of stability and consistency but circles can represent community and unity. It isn’t just solid shapes that send messages either. Lines do too. Vertical lines represent strength and endurance while horizontal lines mean calm and tranquil. Curves too mean something in the world of design. They represent flexibility and adaptability.

There’s so many things to take into account when it comes to designing, whether the design itself is for a logo or a poster, and it doesn’t stop with colours and shapes.

Other aspects a designer has to take into consideration are balance, proportion and perspective.

When it comes to design, balance simply means that the design is aesthetically pleasing. This could be when the image or shapes in the design are symmetrical for example.

The proportion of images and shapes can also play an important part in design. The eye cam be drawn towards bigger elements of the design which could mean said elements are more important.

Both of these play a part in creating perspective. Perceptive adds a sense of realism to a visual image.

Bet you didn’t know there was so much to think about in designing a logo, but hey. We didn’t say that design was an easy thing!

Just as well our team at Kaizen are experts in the field and know their stuff, ensuring that whatever your graphic design needs are, they will be fulfilled to the highest standard.

Comments | Posted in Printing Design By Shauna Crossey

French Village Vehicle Branding

1 March 2016 12:01:07 GMT

 french village

Took the opportunity to get a photo while they were all clean today ! The fleet at French Village! Supplied by Isaac...

Posted by French Village on Monday, February 15, 2016

 We love Northern Ireland, but Belfast in particular. Being such a small city obviously has its drawbacks but conversely it means that everyone knows and works with each other. This camaraderie between suppliers is what makes our industry and those we work with so amazing. We work closely with Isaac Agnew Volkswagen who have sold more than a handful of our key customers new vans and having such similarly aligned values ensures you konw that if we recommend them, they'll look after you as well as we would.

Here's the entire fleet of vehicles for French Vilage Bakery, Belfast. It's an exciting year for them, with the lanch of their new Lisburn Road bakery, cafe and restaurant. We're extremely excited to be apart of this new venture and will bring you updates on all our involvement over the next few months. There's lots in store and we're going to do our utmost to contribute to this ongoing success story.

In 2013 we rebranded he entire French Village group with a new and unique identity. This has helped strengthen the brand and create stronger relationships with trade customers and the public. 

If you want to discuss the option for your brand, we encourage you to visit our new studio website - which launches this month. We're working teogether with some of most well known brands and companies in Belfast and we'd love the opportunity to work with you. Call us today.




Comments | Posted in Design By Connor McAuley

Why Design Matters

26 February 2016 10:56:20 GMT

why design matters

At Kaizen, we know exactly what we are doing when it comes to anything to do with design and print. That’s why over the past few years, many great businesses have entrusted us with not only designing their logos but also with all their marketing needs.

But, did you know that your company’s design plays an important part in creating and strengthening your business?

Yep. When it comes down to it your design is so much more than just a pretty picture with your company’s name across it.  

There are a number of reasons why having a great design is a must have for any company, whether you are looking for a funky logo design or are simply after some good looking marketing tools.

We’ve listed some of them.

First Impressions

First impressions are important. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a date or an interview, we all judge based on first impressions. When it comes to running your own business, you won’t always be seeing clients and customers face-to-face, so having a design that gives a great first impression is really important. It is the one of the first things that will tell them what kind of company you are, and their initial judgements rest with it.


You want your design to represent you and your business to the world. It has to look good and send the message it is supposed to. That’s why you will want professionals looking after it. Having your design done professional will give it a certain quality, an extra something that makes it stand out.

Human Psychology

Design is incredibly important to how your customers perceive your business. You’ve got to think about colours and shapes and what they mean psychologically. Colours such as blue are tranquil can represent a sense of trust, while colours like yellow represent happiness. Squares can be seen as a stable element, while curves are adaptable and circles give a sense of community and unity. Figuring out which shapes and colours to use in your design are key to ensuring the success of your business.


Having a strong logo also helps keep things consistent, whether it is on letterheads, business cards or bigger marketing props like posters and banners. Having your design will keep everything under your brand. This point also ties into the professionalism point as keeping things consistent is a strong component to how your company looks to any clients, customers and business associates you have contact with.


Being consistent with your design also helps your brand recognition. If customers see your design on flyers, banners and posters – they can (and more importantly, will), recognise it a lot more easily. Having a strong and consistent design will help boost sales and get your name out there. How you ask? Well, if you didn’t use the same logo and design, then your customers would be totally confused as to who you are as a business, which would potentially cost you money.


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