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Roller Banners, the perfect recruitment tool

11 October 2016 09:27:07 BST

As I sit at my desk here in our Belfast print hub, a huge roll up banner printing order is just about to leave for all the Tesco stores across Northern Ireland. These banners are being distributed to all Northern Ireland based Tesco stores to promote their current recruitment drive for temporary staff this Christmas period.

At Kaizen Print, Belfast we offer 2 main roller banner options. Both are considered premium in the sense that we do not offer cheap roller banner printing, but more so great value high quality printing here in Belfast. So the two roller banner options are: Single Sided and Double Sided. The single sided roller banner is perfect for locations where traffic really is only arriving from one direction. This forward facing message allows all those travelling towards the banner display to be informed of the message in a unobtrusive yet easy to digest manner.

Double Sided Roller Banners add an additional graphic to the rear of the roller banner, so that traffic from both directions are presented with the message in a clear manner. As both graphics are printed independently of each other, if it suits your needs and that of the campaign, you can have completely different graphics on each side of the roller banner.

To create the perfect roller banner for printing within Kaizen Print, we suggest you design your banner at 850mm wide x 2000mm tall. To ensure we have enough bleed and grip to attach the banner to the mechanism, we advise all graphics are presented with a 100mm bleed at the bottom only. This allows us to accurately trim the banner and affix this to the stand while knowing exactly how well this will be finished each and every time.

Our premium roller banner printing happens in as little as 24 hours, sometimes sooner, however the standard leas time for the best value pricing is always a little longer at 48-72 hours. To order you roller banner, the steps are very simple.

  1. Visit and select the type of roller banner you want. Also confirm the lead time you are happy with and the quantity of roller banners you need for this project.
  2. Add this to your basket and proceed to checkout. Enter your details and that of delivery, if required. You can always collect your banner from our Lisburn Road office at no additional charge.
  3. After processing the payment, you will be presented with an order number and an artwork upload page. 
  4. Once uploaded, it’s over to us. If you have a professionally designed roller banner set up using our template, then we’ll be able to process super quickly. We’ll check from the common print issues and if nothing is presented, we’ll get this off to print right away
  5. Once ready, we’ll process for delivery or send you a quick email to let you know your roller banner is printed and ready for collection.

We’re always keen to see our print in it’s natural habitat, so if you have any photos of your roller banners being used at events or in-stores, please do send us a message via twitter or Facebook and we’ll re-share these to show off our work. We’re like proud parents tbf.

Comments | Posted in Printing By Leeanne Whitehead

Baby it’s cold outside

6 October 2016 09:04:30 BST

 Flyer Printing Belfast

We print flyers for so many businesses and for an unbelievable amount of marketing activities, it’s impossible for us to look at them all. However when beautiful graphic design catches our eye, we’ll always stop and have a look at the artwork in a bit more detail.

If you’re not in the hospitality trade in Belfast, you’ll be forgiven for thinking Christmas is a long way off. However for the graphic designers in Belfast and the printers in Belfast as well as the hospitality trade, Christmas starts in July and concludes after the last guest finishes their dinner before they finish for the Christmas break.

Above is a great example of amazing design from Sort, a design agency in Belfast we have had the pleasure of working with from time to time. The “Baby it’s Cold Outside” design for the Christmas at Linen House campaign is not only simple but extremely effective in communicating the message that the Linen House is a high quality destination for dinner, drinks and entertainment over the festive period this Christmas. 

We had the pleasure of hitting up the Linen House ourselves last Christmas and we can certainly attest to the quality of the food and service. Both we top notch and nothing was too much trouble when serving our sizeable rabble.

This particular Christmas Flyer Printing was printed onto 350gsm uncoated card stock the solid purple has laid down perfectly on the card stock and is offset beautifully by the gold contrast text.

For those unaware of the Linen House, Belfast. This is the body of bars, nightclubs and restaurants  including:

  • Sweet Afton - Bar & Kitchen
  • The Perch - Rooftop Bar
  • Rita's Belfast
  • Chinawhite


All based right in the heart of the City Centre in Belfasts’ Linen Quarter, they are at the perfect destination for a small intimate gathering or a large crowd this Christmas. As their promotional flyer states, “Make it one to remember... for all the right reasons of course” and we think this flyer does it’s job perfectly and that is to inform entertain us while making our purchasing decisions.

At Kaizen Print we offer all types of flyer printing here in Belfast. From small A7 right up to A3, our flyers can help your business achieve all it’s goals throughout the remainder of this year. We have helped thousands of businesses in Belfast with flyer printing projects that are all specifically put in motion to help grow or steady their market share. This knowledge across multiple industries ensures, ensures our knowledges of many market sectors, not only our own is incredibly strong.

To discuss any of your own requirements for marketing, design and print, please do call us on 028 9002 2474 and speak to our customer service team. They’ll be in the best position to direct your call and to give you advice on your specific project. Alternatively if you you find it it easier and want to contact us via our Contact Form, we’re more than happy to assist via email also.

Comments | Posted in Printing By Shauna Crossey

How to find Kaizen Print

5 October 2016 07:08:18 BST


Being centrally located in the heart of Belfast City Centre, we are in the prime position to help all types of businesses, community groups, charities, students and all those in need of print for personal projects with high quality printing in Belfast.

We cater for all types of customers and our Lisburn Road headquarters lends itself to being right smack bang in the middle of pretty much everything, however if you are not familiar with the area it may be hard for you to find us among the array of high quality BT9 businesses. To combat this, our design studio has put together a little guide on how to find us from one of south Belfasts most well known buildings, Queens University. It’s literally just around the corner, about 30 seconds walk from our office, so if you know the uni and can make your way to the front of the building, then you’re only a few seconds from high quality, low cost printing in Belfast.

At Kaizen Print, Belfast, we are a small family run printers but as many have told us, we punch well above our weight by producing a large range of digital, litho and large format printing right here in our fair city. Coupled with our sister designer studio, Kaizen Brand Evolution we provide full service online and offline support for entrepreneurs looking to grow their business or to secure the market share they have already attained.

Coming from Queens University Belfast, Kaizen Print is situated on the Lisburn Road parallel to University Road. Taking Elmwood Avenue past the students union down to the Lisburn Road, take a right turn and we are approximately 200 yards towards Belfast City centre on the right hand side.

Alternatively for those coming from farther afield, we are less than half a mile from the Westlink’s Park Centre junction. This close proximity to all major motorways in Belfast affords us the super opportunity to work with customers all across Northern Ireland and further afield.

At Kaizen Print we can print all manner of printed products from business cards to posters, roller banners and PVC banners. Our area of business is predominately Belfast City Centre, however we service businesses as far away as Sydney and as close as next door. Regardless of distance travelled for our printing, our attention to detail and high quality, low cost printing will always remain constant.

If when looking for us you happen to get lost, you are always more than welcome to call us on 028 9002 2474 and we’ll happily give you directions to our office.



Comments | Posted in Printing By Leeanne Whitehead

We recently created a little video (which is shown below) to showcase the differences between printing using high quality imagery and that of low quality images. On Facebook we had a great reaction to this from many of our regular customers, especially our graphic design friends, but it was many of our customers and potential customers who got the most from this.

Often when creating designs for our customers, we’re presented with images that sadly would print in a manner that we would reject and our clients wouldn’t accept. Usually these are images “taken from the web” or found on Facebook and while they look fine on screen, when put into a format for printing, they are less than acceptable. Our clients respond with “my images are good on screen” or “it’ll do” but whenever they see the printing quality they are less than impressed. Digital media is completely different from printed media and as we address this question many times a week, we thought it best to bring this to a blog post to ensure we put the main points forward to help all our customers, designers or not with the issue of high resolution imagery versus low resolution images. It’ll be a roller coaster ride folks, so hang on in there.

What is a high resolution image?

To be high resolution, an image needs to be a minimum of 300 dpi. The dpi stands for dots per inch and this is how many dots are printed in a a 1inch x 1inch square. The more dots which are also known as pixels, the better quality the print. Anything under 300dpi is considered a low resolution image, however in various instances many people will find a 200dpi or 150dpi image suitable for purpose. We’ll always do our best to advise if we are unhappy with the quality of the image.

Images “taken from the internet” are usually 72dpi. This is the perfect resolution for screen use as they are quick to download and the quality doesn’t need to be as high. however with the advent of higher resolution screens such as the Apple retina 5k screens and fibre optic broadband becoming more standard you will see a much higher quality screen resolution become commonplace.

For reference, 72dpi is about 1/4 the quality of a 300dpi image. When printed a web image or 72dpi image will look pixelated (jaggy or blocky). 

As a company we do our very best to spot low resolution images before printing however it is the responsibility of our clients to provide print ready artwork. As a general rule, images form Facebook or the internet are not suitable for high resolution printing. 

Our graphic design studio in Belfast Kaizen Brand Evolution counteract the opportunity for low resolution imagery by sourcing images from subscriptions sites such as istockphoto or shutterstock. While not the cheapest of options, they both provide access to millions of images which are great for hundreds of thousands of purposes and better than that, they are all high quality, high resolution, “for print” images.

If you ever have any questions regarding your images, please do feel free to contact us. Our artworking team have seen it all before




Comments | Posted in Printing By Leeanne Whitehead

Printing For The Wedding Journal Show Belfast

2 October 2016 13:52:19 BST

Wedding Stationery Printing Belfast

This weekend, The Wedding Journal Show, one of the largest wedding events across the island of Ireland and not just Belfast hits the Titanic Exhibition Centre. Billed as an exhibition to amaze brides all across Belfast, there are over 300 of the country’s top wedding suppliers and businesses showcasing their products and services to thousands of brides from all across Northern Ireland. Coupled with it’s twin show in Dublin, this is one of those wedding shows not to miss when looking to be inspired and plan your wedding.

From wedding stationery to receptions, doves, cakes, cars, fireworks displays and of course honeymoons - a day at the wedding journal show will set your wedding plans in motion.

Many of our own clients are exhibiting at the show and as this is one of the biggest opportunities to market their businesses to hundreds and thousands of potential customers, we always try to provide a few words of support and wisdom in advance to help gear them up for the big event.

This week we printed tens of thousands of flyers and business cards as well as hundreds of roller banners, many of which were destined for this wedding fair and others like it.

Roller Banners play a huge part in the marketing toolkit for many businesses looking to capture the attention of passers by and potential customers. Not only are they big and bold, but they remain unobtrusive if positioned in the right manner. Due to their size and structure, a massive amount of information can be presented neatly and clearly. Conversely they are equally as beneficial with a little bit of information and striking graphics to showcase your products and services.

Starting at only £90+vat for a single sided roller banner, the cost effectiveness against the potential for directing sales to your business is easy to see. We really only sell one version of our premium roller banner, however if you find yourself in a high traffic area within one of these shows, we also have a double sided option that has proven itself to be very useful with many of our customers.

Ever the perfectionists, we have recently installed a new millimetre perfect trimmer, suitably called the javelin. The introduction of this new equipment will not only speed up the finishing time for our large format printing, but should also provide an even higher quality finish than ever before. We really put the javelin to great use this week and put out some of the highest quality roller banners we’ve seen in a long time. In fairness though, our team within the graphic design studio had designed many of these and they looked amazing for that reason.

Our roller banners can be printed here in Belfast within only a few days. We do offer a speedy turnaround 24 hour service on this product as we understand the needs of our customers and their plans for the use of the roller banner.

To order your roller banner, you are more than welcome to drop us an email via the contact form, to call us on 028 9002 2474, or to pop into our Lisburn Road, Belfast office with your artwork or design brief. Alternatively, the easiest way to order your roller banner is by placing an order right here on our website. Visit the roller banner page and select the quantity you require. After placing your order and making payment, you will be directed to an artwork upload page. Once we receive your artwork, we’ll check this for any print issues and get it scheduled on the printers.

We wish all our customers exhibiting at the wedding journal show, a busy and eventful day.

Comments | Posted in Printing By Shauna Crossey

New look for Bubbacue

29 September 2016 10:17:31 BST

Menu Printing Belfast

We’re humongous fans of slow cooking whether that’s in a slow cooker (crockpot) or smoker. The depth of flavour that is brought out from this method of cooking in our opinion is awesome and so when we were recently printing these amazing new menus for Bubbacue, our team were salivating. Thankfully no print in was harmed by the drool.

If you want authentic BBQ in Belfast, Bubbacue are the only name in town we’d recommend. If you frequent Bubbacue regularly, in the past few months you’ll have seen a huge transformation in their offering, their store, the branding and of course the menus. Unfortunately the design work isn’t that of Kaizens’ but that of another graphic designer in Belfast. However we’re never ones to shy away from giving credit where credits due and we love the evolution of the Bubbacue brand.

The team at Bubbacue called upon us to print their new menu. Now as this is a constant evolution until they have settled on a new final menu, the focus is on providing low cost menu printing here in Belfast that can be turned around quickly. Thankfully we know a printer who can accommodate that.

Printed on 130gsm silk, these menus are not meant to sit on tables for extended periods of time. While not throw-away they are certainly not a long term option. But being at the right price, they are certainly an affordable option. We digitally printed these menus in house using our state of the art Xerox printers. By keeping our print technology up to date we are not only able to offer the highest quality printing in belfast but also industry leading prices.

We’re delighted to have Bubbacue as one of our clients and if you haven’t tried their authentic American slow cooking, we highly recommend you check them out. Bubbacue is located right in the heart of Belfast City centre (12 Callendar Street to be precise).

Menu printing belfast

At Kaizen we specialise in working with the hospitality sector providing all manner of design and print products. We understand your customers, your industry and ultimately what works in putting more bums on seats and sales through your tills.

Whether you’ve been in business for decades or just starting out, we’re more than happy to have a chat through the opportunities to grow your business through amazing design and print here in Belfast. As we have a team of professional designers and print specialists, we are in the prime position to advise on all manner of marketing opportunities both offline and online. We have a dedicated web design team who can take your website to the next level. By keeping all our services under the one roof, we together can grow your business by understanding your business like no other.

You are more than welcome to arrange an appointment by calling us on 028 9002 2474 or via our Contact Form. You can also call into our office at 56 Lisburn Road, Belfast BT9 6AF.

Comments | Posted in Printing By Leeanne Whitehead

What information should I put on my business card

28 September 2016 10:28:15 BST

Business Card Printing Belfast

At Kaizen Print we undertsand Business cards are vital to every person’s career or business. An elegant, well-put business card can leave an impression to your potential network. Our business cards come in different sizes and finishes. Knowing which one to use will be determined by your requirements and preferences.

What Info Should I Put On My Business Card?

One vital info you should put on your business card is your website. Never EVER forget to put it on because this is the extension of your brand.

Basically, think of your business card as a teaser and your website as your finisher.

Do I Have To Put My Email And My Phone Number On My Business Card?

Absolutely. If you have them, then by all means do so.

Having a public number and a dedicated email address to receive feedback is crucial to your personal brand or business.

Should I Go For Standard, Glossy, Matte or Textured Finish?

When having your business cards printed, you may want to opt for the best choice for your requirement and budget. While standard business card is budget-friendly, it can be prone to wear and tear too. You may start with our Kaizen standard business cards, which come in 350gsm paper beginning at £20.00.

Kaizen luxury business cards have sturdier body with a better finish. Starting from £40.00, it is ideal for more visual business cards. Our cards come as litho printed on 400gsm silk and then trimmed or finished with your choice of gloss or matte lamination.

Matte finish often exudes sophistication and is more preferable for its very professional and polished feel. It’s not shiny and it comes in handy when you have more than enough to spend for standard card distribution. We highly recommend this one.

And if we haven’t mentioned, Kaizen business cards can be done as single or double sided print.

Last on the list are textured cards. Textured business cards are organic and fine to touch. Since it is made to excel from the typical business cards, you will find that textured ones are more expensive than standard business cards.

Our brown kraft paper business cards start from £63.00 and are litho printed on a 457 mic Kraft card. They are perfect for handmade businesses or brands that need a rustic style.

When Should I Hand Out My Business Card?

Typically, you may want to wait it out before handing your business card. Too early can be a bit pushy, so wait until your contact details are asked for or when your talk is getting warmer and you feel like you both need to get in touch with each other in the future.

Where Should I Have My Business Cards Printed?

Looking for a reliable printing supplier can be very challenging. You have to know the quality, the materials, the cost and reliability of each provider. Once you have done this, you may want to contact them if they have a layout ready for you.

Usually it comes in the form of PSD or PDF, but may vary from one source to another.

If they don’t have a business card template, you can find tons of it online or you can have yours created by a professional business card designer.

Having a reliable printer such as Kaizen Print is key to having a professional business card. We do same day business card printing whether it’s for a week’s project timeline or last minute business event, we truly deliver.

We have been in the business since 2009 and our reputation for excellence and customer service is unparalleled in Belfast. Our goal is to help your business grow to its highest potential through experience and knowledge at every step of the way.

How Do I Create My Business Card?

Creating a business card requires certain skills and an eye for design. Although many would recommend that you do it yourself, it’s still best to have a designer who could create it for you professionally.

Programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign were made to design such output. You can almost have any printed output created with those two software programs.

At Kaizen Print, you can use our easy Artwork Upload feature to get started with your business card.

If I’m Hiring A Designer To Design My Business Card, What Should I Look For?

You should look for experience and creativity when choosing the designer who will create your business card.

Ideally, you may want someone who can take your rough idea and create it into a polished and professional identity from scratch to finish.

Here at Kaizen Print, we have professional designers on board to help you today.

Give us a call today at 028 9002 2474 or visit our contact page, and get your professionally done business cards printed today.

Comments | Posted in Printing By Shauna Crossey

Tips on ordering your Business Cards

26 September 2016 13:47:00 BST

Business Card Printing Belfast

Being Belfast printing company since 2009 we've had a fantastic opportunity to help many hundreds if not thousands of businesses to grow and develop their marketing strategies three fantastic design and print. For any business one of the most important elements of their seals and marketing approach is to make the right first impression and the Best way to make the right first impression is the hand potential clients a high-quality Business card. Even in this digital era a business card there has been well-designed and printed to the highest standards Will set your business apart from the competition.

So whether you need Business card for A beauty salon or for Electrical engineering company in Belfast we can design and print the perfect business card your company. However when choosing the right printer in Belfast for your business card it is always prudent to follow some vital steps to ensure the success of your project.

1. Less is more

Many people try to fit all the business details from the services they provide, to the product listings B-cell as well as the contact information onto small piece of paper. Remember to keep the content on your business card very simple with only the key information presented in a professional manner. Business cards are not flyers and should not be used as a replacement for other marketing materials. We recommend only the key information is provided this includes: your name, your email address, your contact numbers and business address. At a push we would also include a small amount of your key services or products provided. By keeping only the relevant information present on your business card you make it easy for potential customers to remember and find your details quickly and easily.

2. Great design sells

One of the benefits of using Kaizen for your business card printing, is that right here in Belfast we not only have our print facility, but we also have one of the largest graphic design studios who can help with professional Business card design. Even if you have an idea for the design of your business card, our team of professional graphic designers can point you in the right direction with help and advice on the design and marketing of your business. We are more than happy to help so  just get in touch with us on 028 9002 2474 and we will schedule you for a consultation.

3. High quality printing

You'll see many adverts online and on TV presenting cheap business cards at ridiculously low prices. These cards while extremely cost-efficient, say very little about the products or services you provide. One thing that is for sure, is that they look and feel cheap. As standard we use only the highest quality card and print methods to ensure our print quality is second to none. Not only this but due to the efficiency of our printers, we can provide high quality business card printing at industry leading prices. We’re confident our business cards are among the best in our industry.

We've printed millions of business cards for thousands of businesses all across Northern Ireland and many of these customers return regularly for reprints or new additions to their business because we pride ourselves on the highest quality print at the right price. We are confident in our print so that you can be also.

To order your business cards from us you can order online quickly and easily today. Or you can contact our customer service team on 028 9002 2474, whichever is easiest for you.

Comments | Posted in Printing By Shauna Crossey

Quirky Weddings Fair This Weekend

21 September 2016 13:58:19 BST

This weekend thousands of brides and a handful of dragged along grooms will descend upon the Waterfront Hall, Belfast for the Quirky Weddings Alternative Wedding Fair. This is the 5th year we’ve worked with the team at Quirky Weddings and each year it just gets bigger and better. The social chatter around this event is always extremely positive and the exhibitors, some of whom have been in attendance at every show, have nothing but good words to say after the event.

Every year we work with a vast number of the exhibitors in attendance providing everything from updated branding and design of their marketing materials, right through to the print of everything they need to capitalise of the brides and their families in attendance.

Roller Banners for Exhibitions

Imagine you are at a conference and all those exhibitors around you have created “displays” that attract people to their stand and you have little that can be seen from afar. The other exhibitors are informing potential clients what services and products they can provide. Now imagine yourself without such branding. With no opportunity to talk over the humdrum and no ability to showcase your business visually from afar, you could lose out on prospective business and opportunities to sell to the many people attending.

You may be extremely busy chatting to clients, but by using a roller banner to showcase your services, you will attract more of the right type of customer to your stand.


Leaflets are still one of the most effective forms of marketing and we can print as little as 100 or as many as 100,000, all at industry leading prices. A leaflet must contain the right information for customers to make an informed decision about the products and services you supply. They must also present the opportunity for them to contact you via a convenient method. Other than the above you must gain trust in your business. Explain why customers should use your services and why you shine above the rest. By utilising these key messages and providing the opportunity for potential customers to get in contact, you are opening the door to potential sales and business opportunities.

PVC Banners

Depending on the location of your stand, some of our clients find that a large pvc banner can provide a great backdrop to their stand at exhibitions. Unlike roller banners, PVC banners can be used indoors and outdoors. We can print pvc banners up to 1.3m wide x almost any length, so regardless of the space you need to cover, we can fill it with a printed pvc banner. Like roller banners, it’s best to make your message big and bold, covering only the essential information and prompting attendees to ask more information off you now or via a different communication method after the event.

Data Capture Forms

One of the biggest mistakes a first timer at a wedding show makes is not properly taking the right information from their prospective clients. The quickest and easiest way to do this is to create a bespoke data capture form with the exact questions you need to ask each bride to be. By doing so you can really capitalise on the time you have at the fair.

So there you have it, our quick and easy run through of what you might need for this weekends Quirky Wedding Fair. Don’t forget we also have our own dedicated Wedding team for any of those brides who are looking bespoke wedding stationery for their big day. for those who haven't already visited.

Good luck, sell loads and have a wonderful event.

Comments | Posted in Printing By Connor McAuley

I took a little walk around south Belfast over the weekend and on my travels I spotted some great examples of overbag printing that we have completed and a couple of others we didn't do. Great design and print deserves a mention no matter who completed it in my opinion.

First up I spotted the recently updated “Online Ordering” overbag completed for Slims Healthy Kitchen on the Lisburn Road. This isn’t a new initiative for Slims, but as with their Spring/Summer campaigns the previous overbag was due a revamp to the new styling and as you can see, the new campaign is extremely vivid and bright. This particular overbag is oversize A0 but uses a commonly purchased Windmaster sign as its frame. This reduced the need for a custom built concrete base frame.

Overbag Printing

This next project isn’t one of ours and to be honest we’re not quite sure who completed it, but it’s a great example of how a simple yet effective design can promote a product in a very effective manner. John Henry’s is a Botanic Avenue based restaurant serving fresh wood-fired cooked meats and local produce. Over the past few years they have garnered a great reputation for extraordinary food and the overbag promotes a firm favourite here in Kaizen. The Big Texan Wrap has a combo of chicken, pork and beef meats wrapped with peppers, rice, beans and coleslaw. A filling feast for lunch or dinner! The simple black and white design is in contrast to the bright and bold colours of Slims Kitchen but both get their message across loud and clear.

Overbag Printer - Forecourt Signage

We can print overbags right up to 1.3m wide however the most common sizes are oversize A0 and oversize A1. To get an accurate sizing for us to match against these sizes please measure the height, the width and the depth of the frame you intend to place he overbag on. The depth is critical in this as without taking this into consideration, the overbag prints when finished may be slightly too  narrow or short to fit on the frame. We’re mindful to check this with every order and we’ll always keep the measurements on file for future use.

Keeping our overbag costs low, the affordability they present means overbags can be changed regularly and your marketing message consistently updated. In this day and age when people actively avoid advertising, keeping your message fresh and new will keep your customers and passing customers engaged. Personally within Kaizen we have seen some amazing results with reactionary event marketing such as when the Ryder Cup team won a few years back. The very next morning we had a campaign outside our office that was tweeted many times that day, reinforcing the positive Kaizen brand.

We can print your overbags and oversleeps in as little as 48 hours. These are printed and then sent to our stitching company (our mum) to put the final touches ready for install at your business.

If we can help with any of your design and print, please just get in touch via our contact form or on 028 9002 2474.

Comments | Posted in Printing By Leeanne Whitehead

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