car graphics or magnets

If you drive for work or business, it is advisable to look at the opportunity of using car graphics or magnetic signage to increase your brand awareness when on the move. Having a vehicle on the road with branding, will be seen thousands of times per day and will for sure increase the visibility of your brand to people who would not necessarily come in contact on a daily basis. With all large format printing, it is best practice to keep the graphics on your car or van fairly simple, to ensure that they are digested by the public quickly and easily. We advise the three second three-point rule for this. Name, message and link to contact. Alternatively, you may wish to go all out with a full vehicle wrap, this has its merits also, however the cost sometimes out weighs the advantage. For those who want to remove the graphics regularly, you may find it better to invest in magnetic signage, as these cost-effective graphics can be taken off and stored on a daily basis.

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