The automotive sales industry is one of the world’s biggest and with good reason. Get the right location, products and salespeople and it can prove to be a very lucrative investment. However, above all, you need customers and to attract them you have to make your setup look professional. That means having all the right tools for the automotive sales world. At Kaizen, we can offer a full range of products perfectly suited to car sales industry. So here are four things you need to make a good impression with your car dealership.

1. Appraisal Pads

The most important aspect of car buying customers want to be sure about is that they are getting a vehicle that is safe. To know that information, a full service history must be provided in a professional looking manner. Would you trust a salesperson who scribbled down a car’s service history on a sheet of paper? We didn’t think so. At Kaizen, our Vehicle Appraisal Pads are perfect for communicating a professional message. They tell the customer that you know what you’re doing when it comes to car sales. Printed on our 120gsm uncoated stock and available in glued sets of 100, you can personalise them with your company name and logo.

2. Vehicle window hangers

Customers want to know the vehicle they are getting is clean, so if your business fully cleans and valets its cars before they go on the road, then Kaizen’s Vehicle Window Hangers are for you. Nobody wants to buy a dirty car, especially on the inside, so let your customers know their vehicle has had the best of care by hanging one of these in the mirror. Or maybe you want it for a different use. Perhaps you need to promote a deal on that particular car? or another service your dealership provides before customers drive off? Put it on one of these window hangers, which are suspended from the rear view mirror, and let your customers know what you can do for them.

3. Client Deal Files

Paperwork is at the heart of every successful car dealership ad that documentation updated and safe is absolutely vital. Kaizen offer our Client files as a simple and effective way of keeping customer information safe. We make them customised to your needs, so if you use any kind of dealer management system, Kerridge or Pinnacle for example, we can leave space for a client reference number anywhere on the page.

4. Key Tags

Picture the scene. You walk into your 50 car lot and notice there are only 49 there. Panic ensues. Has it been stolen? damaged? you just don’t know. Maybe you just miscounted. Be sure by investing in Kaizen’s key tags. At Kaizen we can mock up a mirror image of your lot and colour code each key so you know exactly where your vehicles are and who is indie them at all times. Printed on our 400gsm silk, these durable tags are built to last and with a little design help, can fit in perfectly with the professional setup of your business.