I visited Manchester this weekend past for what the young call a rave and the old call a racket. Regardless of what you understand it to be, The Warehouse Project was an unbelievable spectacle of dance music. It was also the Radio 1 Essential Mix 20th Anniversary party which brought in a bigger crowd that usual. Not a bad thing at all. Though I was there primarily for a little dance, I did happen to descend on some of Manchester's finer eating establishments. Some formal, some not so much, but all great in their own little way. One notable eatery, not only for it's fine burgers and beer selection but also the food, was Byron, who serve "Proper Hamburgers". Yes they do! Based in Deansgate this burger joint really hit the spot with their food and their branding. Look at the text on the left of the photo. Now look at our logo. See anything familiar? Already I was intrigued. All internal print materials were simple black and white prints, but on some really beautiful uncoated stock. Not expensive, but bang on the money. Their flyers and menus looked awesome This was probably one of the nicest instances of branding I spotted in Manchester, so I reached out to their twitter to tell them so. I wonder if they need print?