We at Kaizen are experts in all things print and marketing. So trust us when we say that the business card is not dead yet.

No sir!

Even in this digital dominated age, the business card still has its uses. There are so many benefits to having a physical copy of your contact and business details. Let’s face it, despite all the good technology does - it can still be unreliable. What happens if your computer or phone crashes and wipes all of your contacts? What will you do if you don’t have those precious numbers and addresses backed up.

Another great benefit of the business card is its size. Because it is so small it can be easily mass produced at low cost and Kaizen can offer you a range of design and size options which can be completely customised to you and your businesses’ needs.

But when we have the likes of emails and social media, who really needs a business cards now?

We’ll tell you who!

1. Anyone who attends networking events

We can’t say this enough. Networking events are key to building business relationships. And business cards are a great way of ensuring that anyone you talk to at these events have a physical copy of your contact details. Their small size means that they are easy to carry and can be popped into a bag, purse or wallet.

2. Anyone who offers services

It doesn’t matter if your business offers counselling, beauty treatments or short courses. If you offer services, it is worth having a stack of business cards. Why? Well, besides handing them out to people physically, there are a range of options. You could form alliances with other businesses (which would prove very beneficial). These other businesses could have your business cards on display in a waiting room or at the counter ready for their customers to take.

3. Anyone who has started a new business

Similar to our first point, new businesses rely on building relationships with other businesses. They also rely on gaining customers and clients fast. Business cards are a great way to promote your business while ensuring that customers, clients and partners can get in touch easily. Providing the relevant details (Name of business, address and contact number are a must!) is key.

4. Anyone who is self employed

If you work for yourself, the chances are you don’t have your own marketing department, so the only way to get your own name out there is to do it yourself. Business cards are an easy and professional way to let potential clients and customers know exactly who you are and what you do.

5. Anyone who doesn’t have a website

The digital revolution means mostly everyone and everything is online now. But if you don’t have a website, then a business card is a great way to appear professional. It’s much easier and more elegant to hand a client a business card than to tell them to go and like your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter. Besides, if you’re networking, how many times has the person you’ve been talking to been asked to get themselves on a website that day ? You can stand out